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Attention NYers that are not registered to vote REPUBLICAN - Download and print this form and mail it out TODAY: - The deadline is this week! We need EVERYONE in NY to register republican to vote for Paul in the NY primaries. It takes 5 minutes and costs a single stamp. DO NOT LET THIS SLIP PAST! Do it today and spread the word AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.
This Friday, Oct 14th is the deadline!


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Register Republican

Hello fellow Ron Paul supporters! I created this site to register Republican to help him win the primary:

Please spread the word!

Some of the dates are still getting confirmed, and a few other little kinks ironed out (semi-closed states, for example). If you see anything that needs corrected, please let me know! If you'd like to help with the site, shoot me a message too! There's lot of things that can be done.

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Question about changing Party Affiliation in NY?

I am a New Yorker and have been trying to convince everyone I know to change party affiliation in NY to repub so they can vote for Ron Paul (or whomever they choose ;-) ). But I was looking to see if there was a way to change party online, to make it easier, and came across this info on the NY Vote website...

To Change Your Party Affiliation

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OCT 14 DEADLINE to register GOP to vote for Ron Paul in New Hampshire and NY

In New Hampshire you can vote in the GOP primary if you are UNDECLARED but not if you are third party or Dem or the 'Independent PARTY' etc. In NY you have to be GOP.

Voter registration info links are here:

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Getting the Voters Registered

Hey everyone,

I have an idea that I think will help our cause, if enough people can run with it. The best people to run with this are the meetup groups around America. If you have 20, 30, or 40 people I think you have the core to make this happen.

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Spending time with people who are not affiliated with any party

I'm pretty new here to the Daily Paul. I have been a Ron Paul Supporter since at least 2007. I have pretty much converted my immediate family. Mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law etc. I have been working on my co-workers and friends. When I share the ideas of liberty with my friends who are otherwise unaffiliated, they are almost always receptive. They are excited about liberty and the possibilities. Most of my peers (I'm in my early twenties) are extremely positive about Ron.

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