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Eight Amish Guys Jailed For Refusing To Attach Orange Safety Triangles To Their Buggies

Government jails them for not having orange triangles on their buggies, but makes sure to provide special jail jumpsuits that aren't orange.

Here are the booking photos of the eight members of an Amish sect who were ordered jailed by a Kentucky judge after they refused to pay fines for failing to affix orange safety triangles to their horse-drawn buggies.

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Can I get some advice for arguing with a liberal?

Hi, I recently had a respectful argument with a guy in my dorm about regulation. He insisted that even though the government is often inefficient in regulating corporations, that it is still preferable to deregulation and that the benefits outweigh the costs. He said that without clean air and water laws, that he would have had a 50/50 chance of living or dying by his age (18). I responded as best as I could, but I would love some advice on how to respond. Data and real historical examples to support my argument are preferable.

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Obama Asks EPA to Withdraw Ozone Standards

It looks like Obozo is making the connection between gubermint regulation and the economy. Shazzzam.
Thing is, Mr. President, if you'd been doing your job the last three years instead of stuffing a partisan agenda down our throats, we wouldn't be in this position of no jobs now.

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No wonder CA is losing businesses.

This is an excerpt They want to outlaw flat sheets in motels :

In 2007, the Legislature was subject to national ridicule when it considered a bill to outlaw spanking of young children. Embarrassed lawmakers eventually shelved that proposal, but businesses have decried the Legislature's subsequent ban on trans fats in restaurant cooking, requirement that calorie counts appear on menus, and prohibition on dairies docking cows' tails.

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The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions :-) So to, the Road to Serfdom.

One thing to watch out for is blatant attacks on broad libertarian-anarchist positions ascribed to him generally. They happen a lot and he doesn't step in line with most of them. If you want to know where his position on many, and very well all issues, just check with the Constitution. I say this in regards to Federal Agencies who, by law, delegate their authority to investigate and make laws concerning highly technical matters, that most members of congress couldn't make an informed vote on. The problem with this is that they've also "delegated" the power to "regulate" ie.

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Gibson USA chief defies federal government, resumes business

And Americans wonder why American companies leave the United States. Gibson is going all civil disobedience on their ass. It's about time someone does. Go Gibson USA!!!

Gibson Guitar chief denies wrongdoing after raids

Gibson Guitar Corp. CEO Henry Juszkiewicz seethed at the federal government Thursday, one day after agents raided the iconic luthier for the second time in less than two years.

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