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CNN Hit Piece:Conservative leader discounts Paul win

TRENDING: Conservative leader discounts Paul win
(CNN) - The president of the Family Research Council characterized Rep. Ron Paul's weekend win in the Values Voter Summit straw poll as "an outlier."

Tony Perkins, who heads the social conservative group, said the Republican presidential candidate influenced the results by busing supporters to the event, proving his 37% support is not reflective of social conservative backing nationally.

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Politico - Michigan Rep. Justin Amash is backing Ron Paul for President

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, who's earned a reputation for bucking his party, is backing Ron Paul for president, POLITIO's Dan Hirschhorn reports.

From the statement, in which Amash calls Paul a "top contender" for the presidency and a "mentor:"

“No person in public office has done more to secure the liberty of the American people than Dr. Ron Paul.

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