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NPR - end the fed (forgot to mention Paul)

I do not have a link, but I heard on the way home today on NPR a report about the federal reserves actions today. It was then followed by about a 3 minute piece on teh republican opposition to the fed by many of their presidential candidates. They give clips of Bachman, Perry, and Gingrich speaking out against the fed but no clip of Paul or even a mention of his name.

The guy wrote the book on the subject and has spent his entire career combating him, and is chair of the sub-committee overseeing the fed. It is unbelievable they would omit him!

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Who owns the Fed?

Who Really owns the Federal Reserve???
Because I've argued for years and years that the United States of American does not own the Federal Reserve!

But everyone I argue with says they do!

And that goes for some really well educated and prominent people Vern!

Well....... I concede, I quit, I admit I was wrong all these years.

I finally agree, The Untied States of America owns the Federal Reserve!


Who owns the United States of America?

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Homemade Dr. Ron Paul Video, Please Watch!

My friend and I recently created a Ron Paul video, for a contest. We got a very late start and didn't have much time at all, or it would be a lot higher quality...although I think we did alright for the time we had.

Please goto and watch the video. After you are done please give us a "like" (we need 'em to win the contest) and leave a comment for us if you would like. Also anything you can do to spread the video around, requesting more people like it, that would rock. Thanks! Look forward to the feedback and the likes.

Dr. Ron Paul 2012!

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Facebook friend Douglas Carswell

Douglas Carswell is the member of the British parliament who is fighting for competing currencies in the UK. He has introduced a bill that will do just that and it will be debated come winter time.

Lets show him some love from across the pond and 'like' him on Facebook.

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Taxing/Spending/Cutting Talk Nonsense

All of this talk about taxing, spending, cutting, etc. is simply a feeble attempt to fix something that is fundamentally flawed. This mentality goes hand-in-hand with western medicine. It addresses symptoms, but fails to go to the root cause. should know by now that our monetary system is built on debt expansion. There is NO growth without more debt creation. I'm not saying we shouldn't be talking about taxing, spending, cutting, etc. We SHOULD talk about those items...but only AFTER we have a sound currency. We must END THE FED first!!!

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Fed bales out Europe again

un-freakin' believable -we just bailed out half of Europe -again!!

I remember Ron asking Bernakie if we were going to bail out Greece, Ireland and he said no. Wow Ron was so right on

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Remember, remember the 17th of September?

As many of you may know there are occupation protests on Wall Street and in Several other cities with Federal reserve buildings planned to start on 9-17. These occupation protests will no doubt scare the sheeple (or be spun to do so by the MSM) along with the the powers that be. This event showing how dissatisfied people are will likely snap many back to reality and catapult Ron Paul ahead of his opponents. The real question is will it be successful?

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Karen Kwiatkowski Announced She Will Run for Congress!!

As if the 2012 election cycle couldn't get any better! Karen Kwiatkowski (ka-taw-skee) officially announced that she will contend for the Republican nomination in Virginia's 6th Congressional District!!!!

Why should we care, right? Here's why....

Lt. Colonel Kwiatkowski is the former Pentagon insider who exposed the neoconservatives' agenda to distort intelligence reports on Iraq. She refused to neglect her Constitutional duty -- defense against enemies foreign AND domestic -- despite conflicting pressures inside the Pentagon.

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Marc Faber's Warning Shocks cnbc Anchors: 'Don’t Store Your Gold In The United States!' (video)

Last week on CNBC the following classic exchange occured:

Faber: "I prefer if investors hold physical gold in a safe deposit box, ideally outside the US, in various locations - Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada. I think it’s important in today’s very uncertain world to diversify, not only the various asset classes, but also the custody of your assets should be in different jurisdictions."

CNBC: "Uh, so do you thus not trust US banks or US custodians? Do you think they might fail or abscond with the gold?"

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Very Old Ron Paul Video

Oldest Ron Paul Video I have seen. Same Message then as Now. Title saying he is exposed.

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Audit the Fed Comments Bomb - here's what you can do

Just thought of an easy way to spread the crucial message about the Federal Reserve and the audit we need to get passed.

I spend some time each day writing comments on news articles online and it is great to see all the Ron Paul supporters. In '07 I guess there was one of us for every 4 or more of "them" whereas now that statistic has been reversed.

But I digress.

My point is that it is time consuming to write comments and now that we dominate many sites we can look to improve our strategies.

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