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RevPAC Video: Stop Policing The World!

Awesome reincarnation of Dr. Paul's 'Imagine' update! Very powerful!

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Does REVPAC read this forum?

They don't make it easy for me to get in touch on their site, so I'll post my suggestion here, and hopefully they'll read it or someone might be able to pass it along if it's deemed worthy.

I think they should license their ad "Plastic Men" to supporters who would run the ad using the Google tv ads service.

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Revolution PAC Superbomb

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New FEC Ruling permits Ron Paul to speak/fund raise at RevPAC events!

According to a REVPAC recent twitter, a new FEC ruling permits Ron Paul to speak and fund raise at REVPAC events!!!
REVPAC has asked that we share this information!

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Revolution PAC Super Products!

Ron Paul Swag is hosting a 99 Designs competition for upcoming SUPER PRODUCTS it will be selling in partnership with Rev Pac.

Check it out!

Revolution Super Pac (Rev Pac) is a Super Political Action Committee organized to promote candidates in the liberty movement. Right now the focus is on Dr. Ron Paul for president of the US in the 2012 election cycle.We want you to design our next graphic T Shirt.

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