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(News Video) Fluoride contamination causes massive riot in China

Massive Riot Outside Shanghai Causes China To Shut Down Solar Plant

A solar-panel manufacturing plant in the eastern Chinese city of Haining has been forced to close after hundreds of residents attacked the facility in a 4-day protest over accusations the factory contaminated a nearby river, according to the BBC.

The riots began on Thursday and lasted until Sunday, at times turning violent.

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Get 'em to riot, then use riot to justify loss of freedom/security for all

This is how they do it folks. (there should be a name for it)

For example, John Spritzler explains this tactic in his blog:


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U.K. Pair Get Four Years Each for Facebook Riot Posts

Cheshire Police said Jordan Blackshaw, 20, and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, both received 4-year sentences for using Facebook to "organize and orchestrate" disorder.

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