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Fire Rob Bartlett

Rob Bartlett on the Imus show went too far in his criticism of Ron Paul Tuesday September 27th.
Poking fun of political figures about their public gaffs, their ideas, the way they look or dress is all fair game. Ron Paul supporters can even handle "crazy" and "wack job" as criticism. But for Rob Bartlett to say that Dr. Paul needs to "Get your head out of (his) your butt and put it back between the legs of one of your patients you wack job." is unacceptable. This was Rob Bartletts exact quote on Imus in the Morning Show.

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Cleveland GOP Cheats Ron Paul: Article Exposes Fraud

Here is the article that exposes how the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County (RPCC) sabotaged Ron Paul in their online straw poll. They even reference the Daily Paul! All of our hard work paid off, guys. Thanks to everyone who helped.

For those who want the back story, check out my previous two posts on this topic:

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