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RP Supporters in Arizona - help spread this event!

Here is a Facebook event created for the Tempe, AZ date of the ROCK THE REVOLUTION TOUR, November 3rd.

Those of you in the area, please send invites and post links to your friends and let's start getting this wildfire spreading. This is being held caddy-corner to ASU, and all the info is on the page. The show is going to be FREE, so let's get the biggest turnout possible. Can't wait for the tour!

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KRS ONE + Rock The r3volution Tour = A Freedom Message MILLIONS Will Hear!

KRS One Is Going To Do As Much Of The Tour As He Can Fit In His Schedule! And we got word to him at the perfect time!

This man is a hero of mine and many others in the freedom movement, and to hear his voice over the phone this morning, telling me he was definitely all about getting Ron Paul elected and very into doing all he can to help Rock the R3volution Tour succeed, I almost fainted, and I did cry!

THANK YOU TEACHA! I can't wait to Rock this r3volution with you!

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Need To Spend Your Cash Before It's Worthless?! - Sponsor Rock The R3VOLUTION Tour!

Sponsorship Packet

Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor of the Rock The Revolution Tour. Sponsorship is a critical and fundamental ingredient of the Rock The Revolution Tour. The generous support by organizations, and individuals, such as yourself, is directly responsible for the event's success in its primary objective - promoting freedom, liberty and the building awareness to candidacy of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul for President.

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Rocking the Revolution for Ron Paul By Robin Koerner

(When I asked my friend Robin Koerner to write up a press release, guess I should have known it would come out sounding like a Huffington Post article! Thank you Robin!)

One of the reasons that Ron Paul so often gets things right is because he is a student of history.

He was able to predict the housing bubble and bust, explaining in detail not only what would happen but also why it would happen. He predicted the wiping out of homeowners’ equity nationwide and the massive losses that would be borne by the banking sector.

He predicted that the decade following 9-11 would see massive expansion of government spending, especially on welfare and entitlements, with a large increase in the number of people who depend on the government for economic security. He predicted the decade’s reduction of civil liberties at home and the expansion of militarism abroad. He predicted the credit crisis and the collapse of the dollar, which are ongoing. He even predicted the flocking of investors to gold, which we are seeing today. He told us what we needed to do to avoid all of these things, but not one listened.

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Help Me Fly For Dr. Paul!

We all support Dr. Paul and some skydivers are making the Leap For Liberty.

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Help Us Fight The Ron Paul Media Blackout. We Have A Story The Media Won’t Be Able To Ignore.

"I always knew that if you were going to have a revolution you needed two things. Young people, and music." - Ron Paul

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