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Chipin For Rock the r3volution Ron Paul Radio Ads - Free Radio Air Time Offered!

A Midwest to Texas chain of radio stations has offered running 30 and 60 second spots for free to help promote the Rock the R3volution Tour and Ron Paul! We need five hundred bucks to do it right and get in a studio - please donate to the tour!

(Chipin has fees - John Dennis is letting us use his PAC as a bank for the Rock the r3volution Tour without the fees - money donated at that page is earmarked for the tour!)

With that we'll get a high quality 30 and 60 second ad - it will run here in Seattle on KISW, a rock station, besides the free run out in the middle of the country - and a KISW station DJ will emcee our kick off show! We'll ask other stations to use it too!

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