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Old Ronald Reagan Campaign Ad: "I will bring back the gold standard"

Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign ad which explains the damage caused by the government's decision to stop tying the dollar to gold. Reagan states firmly that gold-backed currency was the only way to restore price stability and end inflation.

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Ronald Reagan on Foreign Policy

Reagan’s Foreign Policy

Reagan was not the interventionist that the preemptive warfare crowd attempt to mis-portray him as. The only land conflict Reagan ever got involved in was Grenada. It lasted two days. Reagan’s only air strike was the 1986 bombing of Libya, lasting a day.

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# of times each candidate got to speak

Here are the # of times each candidate got to speak at the RR debate last night.

# of times each candidate spoke at ronald reagan debate 2011 on Twitpic

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Rick Perry takes the bait! Let the games begin.

Rick Perry has just single handedly elevated Dr. Paul's campaign!!! The media attention surrounding this is going to be big. The news stories are already flying about a Perry vs Paul showdown.

Perry's campaign released a response to the ad, which spells out Dr. Paul's letter as to why he left the GOP in 1988...

There are several reasons why his response fails.

First, Dr. Paul can say that he left the GOP because it wasn't conservative enough for him. That would be a great counter because it's true. Many conservatives would now agree that as great as Reagan was, he wasn't as conservative as today's conservatives are (and claim to be). It's a much better position to be in to be too conservative for the Republican party than too liberal (ala Gore) for the Republican party.

Second, Rick Perry's response may get some attention, but the only way he could truly fight back is to run ads of his own. You think Rick Perry really wants to spend money fighting Ron Paul? :)


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Gawker Smack Talking Ron Paul

Please go to this site and leave a comment defending the new Ron Paul ad...Those whack-jobs at Gawker are trying to discredit his allegiance to Ronald Reagan.

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Paul Slams Perry As “Al Gore’s Texas Cheerleader”

A article talking about Ron Paul's new campaign ad with Rick Perry as Al Gore's Texas Cheerleader

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Ron Reagan Jr: Dick Cheney Is a 'War Criminal'

Interesting piece I stumbled upon today..

Since everyone is so obsessed with Reagan, why isn't this getting more interest.

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