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TV Ad - "Peace" Reagan 1984 ~ this is what we NEED!

Take a look at this beautiful and profound ad from the 1984 Reagan campaign entitled "PEACE". We need something like THIS NOW!!!

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Answer to dismissal of Paul's libertarian views

Have you noticed how a lot of pundits and politicians belittle Ron's positions as libertarian rather than conservative? Here's a way to shut them up.

The following is from an interview of Reagan by Manuel Klausner in the July 1975 issue of Reason Magazine:

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Ron Paul & Ronald Reagan

A short film about Dr. Ron Paul and his incredible defense of the Constitution. This video shows his incredible courage to do the right thing, even if it does not always make him look good. Dr. Paul was slammed on the internet for being the only person voting "No" to giving Rosa Parks a Congressional Gold Medal.

Find out why here:

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Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul: A Comparison *an oldie*

Now with all this talk about Ron Paul and his relationship with Ronald Reagan because of his recent attack ad, I thought this video is a great example of WHY Ron Paul endorsed Ronald Reagan, and WHY he eventually quit the Republican Party. It is fantastic and should get a 2012 update.

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How Will Ron Combat Inevitable "Reagan Was A Democrat"

So, how will Ron combat the "So you tell people not to support the once-Democrat Perry but you supported the Once-Democrat Reagan?"

I think we should brainstorm and Jefferson or someone keep watch and let the campaign know any good ones, if they don't already have a plan.

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Ronald Reagan sounds like Ron Paul

Amazing, amazing video. This is Ronald Reagan speaking about his endorsement of Barry Goldwater.

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