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Ron Paul Gains Endorsement of Two More New Hampshire State Representatives

Ron Paul Gains Endorsement of Two More New Hampshire State Representatives

MANCHESTER, N.H. – New Hampshire State Representatives Mark Warden (Hillsborough, District 7) and Tammy Simmons (Hillsborough, District 17) today announced their endorsement of Congressman Ron Paul for the 2012 GOP nomination for president.

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**Important** Get this message to Ron Paul's campaign!

Cut-and-pasted from Lew Rockwell's Political Theatre blog:

Writes Dom Armentano:

"This is a crucial time in the Ron Paul canidacy. The MSM and the so-called debates are marginalizing Ron's message. Non-interventionism in the economy and in foreign affairs cannot be explained convincingly in debates with statists or in a 20 second sound-bite response to some idiot from NBC. In my view Ron must go AROUND the MSM/debate format and speak directly to the American people. He needs a "game changer" and this could be it.

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Rally For Your Republic Now, Or Lose It Forever. From

EXCERPT:I have never voted in any election, but I have been watching them for years. Since 2007, I have been listening and researching. In all that time I have found but one presidential candidate (in both this and the last election) for whom I would and will give my vote, my money and my time. That candidate is Ron Paul. Decades of upholding his oath of office, voting only for Constitutional legislation, and standing on his principles – often completely alone – proves to me that he will do his best to achieve his stated goals for our country.

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The Daily Campus : Ron Paul Finds Support Among College Crowd

The Daily Campus : Ron Paul Find Support Among College Crowd

Ron Paul has done well in recent polls, falling just behind "top tier" candidates, and in some cases beating them handily.
Much of this winning streak is attributed to the votes of young America, with whom Paul has polled even higher.
In a Gallup Poll released Aug. 24 Ron Paul ranked third with 13 percent behind Rick Perry's 29 percent and Mitt Romney's 17 percent with Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents.

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Breaking: FEMA Lets Texas Burn by Turning Away Thousands

Here is some ammunition for Dr Paul tonight. FEMA strikes again turning away thousands of volunteers that want to fight the fires in Texas.

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The Ron Paul Solution

Sometime the answer is right in front of you

by Brian Wilson

Here is the narrative of the AAV (Average American Voter):

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Timely Rick Perry item

I'd bet the real reason for missing the SC debate wasnt JUST the wildfires, but maybe trying to help divert media attention away from this little gem.

" . . .Under Gov. Rick Perry (R) this year, Texas slashed state funding for the volunteer fire departments that protect most of the state from wildfires like the ones that have recently destroyed more than 700 homes.

Volunteer departments that were already facing financial strain were slated to have their funding cut from $30 million to $7 million, according to KVUE. . . "

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Ron Paul Coming Home For Constitution Day Celebration September 18

September 18, 2011 (Sunday)
Noon to 6pm
City Park Rd
Freeport, TX 77541
Contact Mark Atkins
(979) 345-2582

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Ron Paul Interview W / Bloomberg TV - Tuesday, September 6 12:30pm ET (Video)

Ron Paul Interview W / Bloomberg TV - Tuesday, September 6 12:30pm ET (Video)

Interview with Bloomberg TV

Congressman Ron Paul will interview with Bloomberg TV Tuesday, September 6th at 12:30pm Eastern

Live Stream:

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