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Herman Cain annoyed by 'stupid' questions from Ron Paul supporters

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain makes it clear in his new book that Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s supporters annoy him with their “stupid” questions about the Federal Reserve.

Cain, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO, writes that Paul’s supporters are “threatened by me” and are “trying to destroy me on the fact that I was once affiliated with” the Federal Reserve.

Cain was chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in 1995 and 1996.

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Romney Lures Obama Wall Street Donors

Romney and Perry are raising big money from corporate interests. Please read latest Bloomberg article:

We need to support Ron Paul's end-of-quarter push!!

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Rasmussen Poll 09/27: Obama 44%, Ron Paul 34%

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A month ago, they were neck-and-neck. Now President Obama has a 10-point lead over Texas Congressman Ron Paul in a hypothetical Election 2012 matchup.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds that Obama earns 44% support to Paul’s 34%. Thirteen percent (13%) prefer some other candidate, and nine percent (9%) remain undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

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"Black This Out" will be a cultural phenomenon.

But it will only work if we all become a part of it.

"Culture jamming" is a form of turning political ideas into an artistic movement. We have the ideas, we have the energy, but we need to start taking this to a new level and making this a cultural revolution, not just a political one.

The "Black This Out" October 19th moneybomb is the perfect opportunity. Ron Paul has been so ignored by the mainstream media that it's time we really bypass them and get all the attention we can get by being artistic and provocative.

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Harris Poll: Romney, Ron Paul Could Beat Obama

Mitt Romney stands the best chance among Republican presidential contenders of beating President Barack Obama in next year’s election, according to a new Harris Interactive poll released Tuesday.

The former Massachusetts governor also was the favored GOP candidate among independent voters, with Texas Rep. Ron Paul following close behind, according to the online survey of 2,462 adults taken in mid-September.

The news was also good for Paul when pitted against Obama in a head-to-head matchup.

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Gathering Des Moines (Again!), Iowa Ron Paul Meetups - Thursday, Oct. 6th

The meet-up was a great success, and we only had 7 people! Doing this again while I'm in Des Moines, this time with more notice and a conference room.

The goal out here is to identify precinct leaders for the Caucus and connect them with the official campaign. This will be the most productive use of the Grassroots (in addition to what ever other projects people want to work on, every effort is valuable!).


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Rick Perry's stumble gives Sarah Palin, Chris Christie and even Ron Paul a second chance

It’s too soon to say that Rick Perry’s campaign is over, but things look bad. He still leads the Republican field in national polls, but three terrible debate performances have weakened him. The latest New Hampshire poll puts him in fourth place in that crucial state.

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"Goldman rules the world" - says trader. BBC anchors shocked.

Video of a trader talking to BBC anchors and he is being quite open about the whole thing and says Governments cant do anything about it and dont rule the world. Goldman rules the world. Anchors shocked into silence !!
Amazing. Too much truth for them to handle !!

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Jon Stewart on Ron Paul by Jack Hunter

In his cover story interview in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart talks about how he likes to point out the hypocrisy of most politicians. Stewart also adds:

“You know a guy you’d have a hard time doing that do? Ron Paul, because he’s been consistent over the years… You may disagree with him, but at least you can respect that the guy has a belief system he’s engaged in and will defend.”

Of course, Stewart is right—and Ron Paul’s appearance on The Daily Show tonight promises to be memorable.

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Ron Paul & Rick Perry Perry welcome a Christie run, but his No. 2 says it won't happen

Amid ever-escalating calls for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) to enter the race for the GOP presidential nomination, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) both said a Christie run would be fine by them.

Ron Paul said Monday at a campaign rally in Trenton, N.J. that while he had no personal opinion of Christie, it would help him for the governor to run, because he would take convention delegates away from Paul's opponents.

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Penn & Teller Defend Ron Paul vs. Fox News & Luntz

Frank Luntz is a propogandist tool, who knows the ways the select 25 were acquired in that room and who knows what they were told before Luntz tries to discredit the text message poll Fox had.

Video is taken from Penn + Teller Bullshit: Numbers. Frank tells them how he can manipulate what people think by simply asking the right question the right way. Based on the final clip it sounds like he's pro-Hillary.

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Military newspaper front page: "YOU WANT HIM - Ron Paul leads in donations for military personnel"

The Ranger is a weekly newspaper published for the military personnel at Joint Base Lewis McChord in WA. This week's front page is a photo of Ron Paul for an article talking about Dr. Paul's support from the military, and his foreign policy positions.

Here is a link to a photo of the front page:

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The Republican Party in Florida Hates Ron Paul

Posted by Laurence Vance on September 25, 2011 06:28 PM

From a participant in the Florida Straw Poll:

In order to vote in that thing, you had to pay a bribe of $175 to the war party of Florida. I did it but I feel like a sucker now because that money could have gone to the Ron Paul campaign but instead will be spent to fight Ron Paul. Disgusting War Mongers totally manipulated the situation from a lose/lose to a win/win for them. I'm sick to my stomach now that I see what they did.

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Ron Paul on Blowback, Foreign Policy, and Peace

Ron Paul on Blowback, Foreign Policy, and Peace:

A Brief Timeline of Blowback:

Blowback is a term used by the CIA to explain unintended, harmful consequences of military action (particularly aggressive action). Ron Paul is the only presidential contender who truly understands blowback and why current U.S. foreign policy endangers the national security of the U.S.

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VIDEOS: Ron Paul speaking in Orlando, Baton Rouge, Sioux City, Spencer ~9/20, 23/11

Baton Rouge, LA (Grand Opening of Louisiana's campaign headquarters) 9/23/11
"Nearly 500 activists and supporters attended the Grand Opening of Ron Paul's Louisiana campaign headquarters in Baton Rouge on Friday night- proving that the r3VOLution is truly reaching new heights! The Congressman apparently spoke for only a few minutes, after a long day of events and travel. The interviews are few and far between at this point- but the campaigning is at a fever pitch."

Orlando, FL (Meet and Greet) 9/23/11
"On Friday morning, Rep. Ron Paul fit in a meet and greet with supporters at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida"

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