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Leap For Liberty: Skydivers Will Kick Off Event For Ron Paul Next Week

Skydivers will jump from a helicopter over Derry on Sept. 29 for an aerial display and then land in a residential yard, highlighting a special question-and-answer session about the future of the nation with Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

"When you sky dive, ultimately, you take responsibility for yourself. There's a reward, but also risk," Erica Layon said. "That's the essence of Paul; if people expect to have rewards, they should be willing to take risk."

Skydiving is self-regulated, she said, not mandated.

"It's about self-government for those people who choose to participate in it. It's strange how it really dovetails," she said. "You need to look out the door yourself, make sure it's safe. Ultimately, it's your responsibility, although you rely on those around you."

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The newest Ron Paul video

Check out the newest Ron Paul video: Only One Man.

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Want to Make Converts for Ron Paul?

Writes Tom Woods:

Then support Revolution PAC with a donation today. Our ad, “Plastic Men,” is in my opinion the best made-for-TV Ron Paul ad ever. No “he’s against wasteful government spending” or “he’ll balance the budget” — that’s what they all say. We need to make ads that Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry couldn’t have made. That’s called differentiating your product.

And that’s what our ad does. Here is the real Ron Paul.

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Freaking Awesome Song

Switchfoot has a new CD called Vice Verses that has yet to be released. However, it can be listened to via

Go to that link and click to listen to Selling The News. Apart from it being an awesome song, it just sounds like it belongs in a "Liberty" vid.

Trust me when I say, this is not a waste of your time!

13 votes CEO Patrick Byrne announces support for Ron Paul

(NaturalNews) In a recent interview on FOX Business, (which was recently rebranded as founder and CEO Patrick Byrne had a lot to say about the flailing economy, and the fake "recovery" that so many in the business community and in the public naively bought into. And when asked about who he supports in the 2012 presidential election, Byrne vocalized his support for Rep. Ron Paul.

Learn more:

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Budowsky: MSM like Pravda when it comes to Ron Paul

Over the weekend Ron Paul won a big victory in the California straw poll, leaving Mitt Romney and Rick Perry in the dust. And polls are starting to show Paul in third place, though many media covering the campaign, imitating Pravda under the Soviets, ignore Ron Paul in their insistence the Republican contest is a two-person race.

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Tyranny at the Texas Straw Poll in 07' - Ron Paul (Must See Video)

Tyranny at the Texas Straw Poll in 07' - Ron Paul (Must See Video)

Ron Paul Delegates Turned Away from Straw Poll?

The vote was supposed to be until 1 or 2 pm, but GOP security prevented registered Delegates from entering the building who were wearing Ron Paul signs at 10am.

I was standing over by the Granny warriors when 2 delegates approached me and asked me to help them get into the convention center.

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Texas Straw Poll Cancelled Due to "lack of interest?"

More likely to avoid embarassment for Perry!

"There seems little doubt that Ron Paul would have defeated Rick Perry in the Texas Straw Poll, sending out the embarrassing message that those who know Perry’s record best, lone star state voters, have no trust in his leadership. This would have been a massive blow to the perception of Perry’s electability nationwide."

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Korea for Dr. Ron Paul

Uploaded by world4RonPaul

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RP Places 2nd At Spokane County Fair Straw Poll!

Ron Paul took second place in a straw poll conducted at the Spokane County Fair by the Spokane County Republican Party with 17% of the vote. Here are the results:

Perry 98 (25%)
Paul 68 (17%)
Romney 65 (16%)
Bachman 41 (10%)
Cain 34 (8.5%)
Palin 33 (8.3%)
Gingrich 8 (2%)
Christy 5 (1.2%)
Huntsman 4 (1%)
Misc. 41 (10%)

Total: 397

It is unknown whether Santorum was among the miscellaneous votes with Mickey Mouse, etc, or if he received no votes at all....

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Message from a Marine to Ron Paul

I thought this was a good sign. Much respect to the soldier for his service and for taking the time to convey this message.

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Ron Paul Interest Surpasses Heavily Media Promoted Rick Perry This Week - Google Trends

Even though Ron Paul has received less than a third the media coverage of Rick Perry, interest in Ron Paul surpassed Rick Perry on Google Trends this week:

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NC Staw Poll 11-19-11 to be held at NCGOP Hall of Fame Dinner

NC GOP is adding a straw poll to the Hall of Fame Dinner.

It would be nice to have Dr. Paul represented at the event and to have campaign involvement.

Any Thoughts?


FROM: Robin Hayes, NCGOP Chairman
Jennifer Behr, NCGOP Finance Director
DATE: September 16, 2011

SUBJECT: 2011 Hall of Fame

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