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Barry Manilow : "I Like Most Everything Ron Paul Says, He Makes Sense"

Barry Manilow : "I Like Most Everything Ron Paul Says, He Makes Sense"

I was listening to the Washington Times radio program, "American Morning News" this morning. A reporter based in DC asked singer songwriter Barry Manilow who among the GOP primary candidates for president he could support. Without any hesitation, the famous crooner said Ron Paul. He stated, "I likes just about everything about Ron Paul", I like what he says and he makes sense."

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Why Rick Santorum is Wrong on Foreign Policy

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is proving to be the Rudy Giuliani of 2012, except he is doing much worse in the polling then Giuliani did. His extremely neoconservative foreign policy is deeply flawed and is not a traditional republican position. Here, I have done my best to prove through analysis why Rick Santorum is wrong on foreign policy (sorry if it is a little long).

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The Colbert Report on Ron Paul 2012

Comedian Stephen Colbert: "Ron Paul needs a credible national endorsement to give his campaign the kind of legitimacy his campaign has not been able to get from his campaign."

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CA Straw Poll: September 17 ~ Vote For Your Freedom

Can we pass this along and share for people who can get down there...(coming from a Californian) we GOTTA get past the liberal Californians that inhabit the southern part of our state!!! Ron Paul 2012!
Read this thoroughly:

Ron Paul Los Angeles
Winning L.A. County for Ron Paul in 2012

California Republican Convention

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Matt Collins says: Possible coming attack on the campaign!

Rumor is that researchers in the MSM are combing through the campaign's FEC reports and clutching at straws for a story to invent. One line they might be looking at is "reimbursements made to Jesse Benton the Chair of the campaign". In case there is a news story about this it’s important for everyone to know what was going on prior to the MSM spinning nothing into an attack...

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Ron Paul Plays Hardball With National Review

The cover story of the new issue of National Review is "Ron Paul's Last Crusade," a long, reported piece on the congressman's presidential campaign by the magazine's economics writer Kevin Williamson. The focus of the piece is Paul's almost-successful effort to win the Ames Straw Poll, but Williamson ends up shooting most of his ammo at Paul's "cult of personality." One reason, according to Williamson: The Paul campaign didn't like a May 2011 piece titled "Border Wars," in which Williamson identified a "change of heart" for Paul on immigration.

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Tom Woods: How to Make History for Ron Paul

After speaking to the International Press and appearing on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano while in New York City, Tom Woods takes a few minutes from his busy schedule to share how we can make history for Ron Paul, and America, in 2012.

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Paul's ratings in a general election poll

Video from Young turks showing poll ratings of major GOP candidates vs Obama.

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My newest Ron Paul video

Let me know what you guys think.

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Freedom watch clip

Encouraging clip from Freedom Watch.

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Why The Media Should Stop Ignoring Ron Paul?

Why The Media Should Stop Ignoring Ron Paul?

A lot of politicians like to say that they are leading a movement, not running a campaign. In Paul’s case, that is actually true. And while Bachmann has seen her support diminish amid questions of her viability and some of her gaffes, Paul has no such concern because his backers don’t care if he’s not the frontrunner. They just want him to be true to his cause.

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CNN hides results of in person straw polls at their own debates: Ron Paul wins! - Breaking

CNN and the Tea Party Express held their own straw polls at three viewing locations and Florida, i.e. Phoenix, Arizona; Cincinnati, Ohio; Portsmouth, Virginia, and Florida. Both before and after straw polls were held.


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No insurace? On life support? You die? Hip Hip Hooray!

Article on Yahoo about the cheering to a hypothetical question asked about an uninsured 30 yr old on life support..... You know what happened but here's Yahoo's take.

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Ron Paul DOUBLES His National Support In Just 2 Weeks

"The hoax has completely failed. Ron Paul is now a confirmed presidential frontrunner for 2012, and the momentum he is now building will ensure the only true constitutionalist in the field offers a fierce challenge to the likes of Perry and Romney for the Republican nomination."

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Debate Strategy : Ron Paul IS The Leader and Here Is Why

I was sitting here and something clicked. Everyone on that stage tends to tell why they would make the best leader of the country. We know ron doesn't want to LEAD but rather PROTECT us but here is a great response that ron can and SHOULD use.

"You want to talk about leadership?"

I STARTED the tea party. Yes the tea party that michele over here is pretending to be the LEADER of. That was ME and MY supporters.

You want to talk about someone who can lead?

I am the one who started the movement to audit the fed.

You want to talk about what a president SHOULD be?

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