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Ron Paul Snubbed on Federal Reserve Question at CNN Debate

[Info Wars] - Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who has consistently ranked in the top three of the GOP field in 2012, was blatantly skipped last night in the CNN debate on a question to which he has dedicated nearly his entire career in government– the Federal Reserve.

Yes, he has repeatedly introduced bills to audit and end the fed, wrote a book titled End the Fed; he currently chairs the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology and has campaigned heavily on the issue nationally since 2007. But he was not given a response to the questioning the candidates’ positions on auditing the Federal Reserve.

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Extremely Interesting DIGG! link [must see]

Hey guys,

I was on DIGG! and I stumbled upon this link which I thought was very interesting. Its a site that is taking pledge for Ron Paul and it has a counter for everyone that pledges.

From what I can see its only at 13 and the DIGG link is brand new with only 5 diggs so I'm thinking this site had to have just launched recently. The main site plays on the campaign website but the link is here:

I think its a great looking website to say the least, but not very interactive.

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Pray for Ron Paul before and during tonight's debate (9/12)

There are too many people being oppressed at the hands of our government, as we are all aware. Pray that tonight the nation sees the truth behind who Ron Paul is, that we might finally put a man in office that will put an end to much corruption and oppression.

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My Post Removed?

Is it possible that a post I made here at 5:40 p.m. EDT was REMOVED? I don't see it anywhere? PLEASE tell me that's not happening here.

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Calling a Spade a Spade; Dissing Ron Paul is Dissing the Constitution

This is short and sweet, but I hope it will prove to be most beneficial...

Dr. Ron Paul is a walking Constitution. We all know it, but we need to begin referring to him as such. Rather than constantly be on the defensive, we need to be on the offense.

When someone calls Ron Paul a name, simply treat it as though they are calling our Constitution that name. Because, in essence, that is what they are doing.

RINO: "Ron Paul is a kook!"
Paul Supporter: "What is it about the constitution that you disagree with? What is kooky about it?"

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Ron Paul releases Statement on Jobs ahead of GOP debate

Texas congressman Ron Paul released the following statement:

With jobs so hard to come by for many Americans, you would think a private company deciding to create more than 1,000 jobs would be cheered by Republicans and Democrats alike.

But President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board is doing everything it can to stop Boeing from opening a new plant in North Charleston.

And as sad as it may seem, at the heart of the board’s actions is political cronyism at its absolute worst.

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Scam & Sham By Brian Wilson: The All Out Attack Against Ron Paul

Brian Wilson on how the media work their Voo-Doo against Ron Paul.


"The truth is Ron Paul’s answers do not fit the Party Line. Every Paul position contains a reference to the United States Constitution, Constitutional authority, Constitutional principles. The unanswered question remains: what is so wrong with a Constitutionally obedient government that gives the other candidates hives? Put another way: what stands in place of a Constitutionally obedient government?"

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Politico, National Journal Praise Ron Paul Campaign

Politico, National Journal Praise Ron Paul Campaign

0 votes BIG SIGNS 4'x8' and 2'x4'

We are looking at getting the large signs out in early October.

The 4'x8' signs are hard to ship and must be sold in large quantity.

The 2'x4' signs are easier to ship, and it is my favorite size.

Bigger is better when it comes to signs!!!!

In Liberty,


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confirmed! Ron Paul To Speak at Florida cpac

CONFIRMED! Ron Paul To Speak at Florida CPAC

Congressman Ron Paul will speak at the Florida Conservative Political Action Conference at the South Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center, 9899 International Drive, Orlando, FL on Friday, September 23rd at 1:45pm Eastern

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Why Don't Corporations Support Libertarianism?

Why don't corporations support libertarianism?

We've heard all too often that libertarianism would lead to corporate rule, corporate abuses, and other supposed evils of an unregulated free market. If this is indeed the case, why don't corporations support candidates with libertarian principles?

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Ron Paul Emerges as Formidable GOP Presidential Contender

Great read about the good doctor. I like the idea of Dr. Paul gaining support when Bachmann drops out.

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