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Gov. Jesse Ventura Attends End the Fed/ Occupy Wall St.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura dropped by Minneapolis to support ‘Occupy’ protesters. Ventura pointed out that the face of the movement cannot be dictated by Democrats or Republicans because both parties were “bought and paid for” – and that he never took a dime in corporate money to get elected.


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Dear Occupy Wall Street Protesters

I understand that your crowd consists of a very diverse range of upset people which, for the most part, I endorse as its nourishing for the American spirit. That said, I also believe that there are quite a bit of clueless people out there who are touting potentially dangerous ideas. I will address them in order; this list may be amended later.

Wealth Redistribution
Obama Supporters

Wealth Redistribution comes from the ideology that all rich people became rich at the expense of the poor using malevolent devices. This simply is not true and displays envy.

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‘Occupy Wall Street’ Tax Proposal Is Backed By Wall Street Itself

The “Buffett tax rule” being promoted by Occupy Wall Street protesters is exactly what the Wall Street-owned Obama administration wants

Written by Paul Joseph Watson

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Radiohead playing for Wall Street Protesters today

Update: It's been confirmed by the official website of Occupy Wall Street. An Occupy Wall Street spokesman told me, they have no permit but the police are "aware" of the event.

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‘Day of Rage’ Anonymous Protesters Occupy Wall Street Wall Street

More than 1,000 people staged a large rally over the weekend near Wall Street in New York. The protesters had planned to “occupy” Wall Street, but police blocked all the streets near the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall in Lower Manhattan.

“A lot of us feel there is a large crisis in our economy and a lot of it is caused by the folks who do business here,” one protester told the New York Daily News.

The New York Times reported that two people wearing bandannas over their faces were taken into custody after trying to enter the building that houses Bank of America offices.

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Paul supporters picket Las Vegas Fox 5 (video)

Ron Paul supporters protest outside FOX5 studio
Posted: Aug 25, 2011 10:43 PM PDT
Updated: Aug 25, 2011 11:04 PM PDT
Posted By MaryAnn Martinez, Reporter

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Ron Paul supporters are known for being loyal and enthusiastic. Since the Iowa straw poll, Paul supporters are complaining the presidential candidate is being ignored and treated unfairly by the media, especially the Fox News Network.

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