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Ron Paul Supporter Sponsors MMA Fight

A Ron Paul Support has sponsored a MMA fight for the Revolution! A fighter in another event heard about it and wanted Ron Paul Revolution covering the ring. It will be held in Georgia. It will be televised. The hurdle to get it done is 1500 dollars and it will be held in Oct (next month). Would you want to chip in?

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I put a face on the Revolution tonight

Hello fellow patriots. Although this is my first post, I have been reading the Daily Paul since 2007. I got rather active back then. Everything from sending emails to the media, to attending meetups and hanging from highway overpasses securing Ron Paul Revolutions signs at 3am here in Dallas! The first time I promoted Ron was at the Addison Octoberfest in 2007. I wore my "Ron Paul Revolution" tshirt. I just got back from the same festival tonight. I wore a similar tshirt from 2008. I had a blast and I know it helps our cause.

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rEVOLution March on Washington - Oct 8th - peaceful gathering

If you are as dedicated to Ron Paul and the movement as I am, please consider taking a weekend out of your time to participate in the rEVOLution March on Oct. 8th. We will be marching from the Washington monument down Costitution Ave and make our way to the Capitol Building; and we want you there too! This event will be legal and organized. We will have guest speakers, entertainment, and like-minded good people - that makes for an epic day! Please check out our facebook pages and consider coming out for a day of activism and fun!

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New Book on Ron Paul 2008 Campaign

I'm George Dance. I've been posting on The Daily Paul since 2008. I've been writing about Ron Paul for the same time on my column at online magazine Nolan Chart.

For years I'd dreamed of being a published author, but was stuck in a dead-end job. This year the dead-end job vanished and, while I got a severance package and I'm doing some temporary work, I'm worried aobut the money running out. So, I've tried to activate my dream, too. I have published two books at

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