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R3volution Beyond 2012

Excellent article from the Daily Bell today...


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Liberty must defend philosophic turf OWS is occupying

I'm starting to get involved with the local OWS here and there's no way I'm going to let the unions and Soros' moveon.org members I'm seeing creep in to hijack this thing.

It's our duty as Liberty supporters not to hijack OWS, but to defend OUR movement's turf.

Just like with the tea party, OWS is trying to hijack OUR movement against the bankers and put a right-left spin on the whole thing so they can become the democrat's "booster club" just like how Tea Party Express and FreedomWorks have transformed the Liberty movement inspired tea party into the RNC's booster club.

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Anyone on here going "John Galt" if RP doesnt win?

If RP doesnt win I feel that this country is doomed. Anyone know of any "galts gulch" to go to? lol . Let the looters eat each other I suppose

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Got the Job and Introduced the Interviewer to RP

I'm glad I brought Liberty Defined to read while I was waiting for my interview yesterday.

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Attack on RP

International Business Times

'RP: A Long History of Racism and Anti-Semitism'


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Hanging Ron Paul for President signs

everywhere I can after the debate tonight. Everyone in Long Beach Ny will see Ron PauL for president . we are the revolution, we have to step it up.

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Ron Paul Has Saved Us From Hyperinflation says Gary North

If we get hyperinflation, it will not last long: a few years at the most. It will be a great disruption in the lives of most Americans, but if the government does not impose price controls, there will not be devastation. There will be losses. People will have to scramble. They will adjust. They will get poorer. They will consume capital. But they will survive.

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LA Times: Tonight's Debate Between Two Texans: RP vs. RP

LA Times Top of the Ticket:

Eight Republicans will line up for the debate in the shadow of Ronald Reagan's Air Force One in his presidential library this evening.

But the most interesting debate dynamic will likely be between the two Texans onstage with the same pair of initials -- Rick Perry, the governor, and Ron Paul, the representative.

This was supposed to be the second GOP panel for Perry, the late-comer and new front-runner. But he pulled out of Sen. Jim DeMint's values forum in South Carolina Monday to fly home and be governor during the giant state's wild wildfires.

Tonight, everyone will pay verbal tribute to Ronald Reagan, who might have some trouble winning the presidential nomination of the new Grand Old Party these days. The debate will be carried live on MSNBC at 5 p.m. Pacific.


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Watching the RP-ing

Name recognition means a lot. Still too much RP in posts, but it doesn't get Ron Paul as a name across; and to the uninformed can be mistaken for Rick Perry. Dom't think everyone sees that yet.

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