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RT Video: Tony Bennett: Are we the terrorists?

Ron Paul was mentioned by the reporter during the story. Apparently Tony Bennett came out on the Howard Stern show, seemingly taking Ron Paul's position on our intervention in the affairs of other nations.


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Adam Kokesh Loses Show For Supporting Ron Paul

I have heard an unconfirmed rumor that Adam Kokesh will no longer be doing "Adam vs The Man" due to his public support of Ron Paul on the show.

Wow.... the establishment even controlling RT?

This comes from a good friend of Adam's but I won't name the source.

I found this http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread744690/pg1

I guess this isn't as fresh news as I thought...


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Meet Cliff Kincaid, The Guy Who Shutdown Adam vs. The Man

Read this article with links and proper formatting here:

Cliff is the clown who went after Adam Kokesh’s show on RT with an FEC complaint which claims that, since RT is funded in part by the Russian government, Kokesh’s declaration of support for the Ron Paul campaign on his show constituted a breach of federal election laws.

Cliff edits usasurvival.org and runs America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) , a pro-fascist web site which is supposedly dedicated to uncovering communists in the US government and media. Like all good fascist reporters, Cliff has written a litany of articles demanding increased American government spending and interventionism across the globe, while at the same time singling out various groups to target with biased hate speech.

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AHA - The Truth laid bare in the Kokesh/Benton/RP flap!

The following information has just come to light regarding the recent divisive flap between Kokesh/Benton/RP


It is imperative to read this document.

Adam Kokesh errored by linking his efforts on RT to the official campaign, thereby placing the PEC (official campaign) in potential legal jeopardy.

Regardless of whether or not you like RT or like and agree with Kokesh as I do, I'm sure the campaign did not appreciate having to deal with this potential legal headache and potential media nightmare.

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Is this true?

This can't be true can anyone explain this?


P.s I just believe what the manager says is not what Ron Paul would say because he said before he's never opposed being interviewed by anyone!

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