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Elections in Russia

Here is an excellent article paraphrased from The Week Magazine, commenting about a piece in this Month's Economist Magazine. Does this political charade ring a bell to anyone?

Russia: Keeping up the sham of elections
The draconian response shows that Putin “is spooked by the slightest competition,” said an Editorial at The Economist.
The Economist (U.K.)

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Russia may legalize cannabis for agriculture, industrial use

"Russia may soon authorize the cultivation of hemp - otherwise known as cannabis sativa - for agricultural and industrial needs, Russia's Federal Drug Control Service said on Friday.

On September 28, the country's State Anti-drug Committee will decide whether to allow the cultivation of hemp, currently prohibited in Russia."

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Russia, China, America, terrorism, and freedom

If the terrorists attack the United States because we're free, why do they attack Russia? Russia's an oligarchial oppressive state. Could it be because they are occupying and oppressing Muslims in Chechnya? Is the reason China has terror attacks because they're free or because they are oppressing and occupying the lands of the Muslim Uyghurs? Good questions to ask people who think "they hate us cause we're free"

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Pat Buchanan interview on

Always loving hearing a more in depth interview with Buchanan. When it comes to war history and history in general, he is a wealth of knowledge.

They talk about the Russian conflict brewing.

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Jesse Benton To Russia Today, "Ron Paul does not do interviews with Russia Today. No one watches you guys anyway".

Adam Kokesh announced on his show tonight that this will be the last show of Adam vs. The Man, but didn't say why. However, he did say he interviewed Ron Paul on May 4th of this year, and since then has tryed numorous times to have Congressman Paul back on the show, with no reply.

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Russian Money- Has anyone else seen this?

Has anyone else seen this?

Usually WND is very supportive of Ron Paul, but this seems like some kind of strange "stretching it" attack. It's the front page story right now. Thoughts?

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