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The Hill satire- Ron Paul Should kidnap Christie

Here is how Ron Paul can win. He can kidnap Chris Christie. Hold Christie hostage in a cabin. With Christie now receiving the media adoration once given to the buffoon Donald Trump, then poured on the hapless Rick Perry, my kidnap plan could propel Paul to the White House. Here's how it would work:

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What if it were true?

Great political satire piece about President Obama signing an Executive Order which would allow Japan to have a military base in Ohio. "What if they did it to us?"~Ron Paul

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U.S. Commemorates 9/11 By Toasting Stable Afghan Government From Top Of Freedom Tower: must read!

"U.S. Commemorates 9/11 By Toasting Stable Afghan Government From Top Of Freedom Tower"

Yeah, it's just a satire piece from the folks at The Onion, but, WOW!, Just wait till ya read the article. It's a nice look at what things could have been like if we had only made the right decisions. I tip my hat to The Onion! Good work, yall!
Anyway, give it a read:

Here's a brief excerpt:

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The True Story behind the Death of Osama bin Laden

I'm no writer, but here is my first unofficial blog post:

"The Death of Osama bin Laden"

It was a cold Sunday evening in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The usual suspects were there, CIA operatives, Pakistani Agents, and Osama Bin was poker night. The undisclosed compound/Man Cave, had been equipped with two pool tables, entertainment center, wet bar, and stripper pole, it was the premier location of debauchery for the regions most dangerous and elite military officers.

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My Blog Converted to Pro-Ron Paul Satirical Online Newspaper

Hey guys!

I just converted one of my old blogs to a Pro-Ron Paul satirical newspaper called "The Lulzington Post". I hope to get ideas from you guys about funny articles I can make as well as ways to promote it to get people to laugh and at the same time get to realize the ridiculousness of many people who challenge Ron Paul.

The link is here:

If you like it, follow me and please e-mail me with good promotional and article ideas! Also, DIGG the article if you can to help it get up there!

Ron Paul 2012!


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Rick Perry: We Need To Bomb Some Brown People


CNN just reporting:

Governor Rick Perry said today, "We need to get people back to working and do some real life jobs protecting America. We need to bomb some brown people out there around the world. We need to protect our military industrial complex."

Texas is leading the planet in bomb making...

George Carlin on bombing brown people:

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CNN: Rick Perry Al Gore 2012

CNN Atlanta Georgia
Breaking News

We have just learned that Governor Rick Perry chose Al Gore as his running mate.
Perry said in a brief statement:
"Al Gore is a good friend with a powerful message for America. We need democrats and independents in our camp and having him as my running mate will bring millions of Americans to our side insuring our final victory"

Governor Rick Perry also announced Ben Bernanke to be his campaign Chairman saying quote:

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Comedy about government spending

Tim Hawkins is a Christian Comedian. He is very popular in the community. He is very in line with the views of RP on government spending. We are more likely to win over the minds and hearts of people with laughter.

I wonder if he would consider endorsing RP for President?

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Emasculated American History

Back in December, 1773, our forefathers (forewomen too, although there were no women), protested the lack of representation, laws that went against their rights and taxes, and dumped a bunch of tea overboard.

It went on in this way. They all dressed up as a bunch of tax collectors (not indians) and boarded vessels in Boston Harbor and dumped a lot of tea overboard. Their leader, a tax prosecutor, made sure they did everything legal, and sent to jail anyone that committed a crime (like dumping tea that wasn't theirs overboard). Oh my, that is dreadful!

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