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The Myth of Science as a Public Good - YOUTUBE

I encourage all of you to watch this video on the economics of science.

I would have previously considered myself against the government funding science as it distorts the market and crowds out private science. But I have never heard such relentless, eloquent, and fascinating arguments against government funded science, ever.

From Thomas Woods' Facebook:

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Fascinating 1936 Footage of Chevrolet Assembly Line

Made back when Detroit and Flint were spectacular cities and the manufacturing hub of the world ... they are now bombed out 3rd world war zones specializing in crystal meth cooking

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Right to Know About the Science Behind Dietary Supplements!

Please go and tell others about this site Citizen for Health.

There are two Ron Paul bills:
HR 3394, the Freedom of Health Speech Act
HR 3395, the Health Freedom Act

Main site go to Supplements and see some the other good and bad legislation Senetor Durbin (D) Illinois is trying to do.

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