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Debating Sean Hannity and giving a plug for Ron Paul -Wed Sept 28

I was on the show yesterday. (They actually called me to come on, which I thought was pretty cool!).

Originally I was on hold to talk about the lack of media respect and coverage of the Wall Street protests, however while on hold he began to talk about how Michelle Obama shouldn't be telling us what to consume. I decided to call him out on his hypocrisy of supporting the drug war.

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Ongoing Talk Radio Blitz for Ron Paul to Educate Americans on Issues; Get him Nominated

Let's use the media to get Congressman Paul nominated. Let's do it by using the talk radio shows but rather than starting out talking about Ron Paul (which we all know just immediately puts the talk host on the defensive where they start attacking the caller and hang up on them), let's play dumb and ask the hosts leading questions on the issues.

Here are some approaches. We can start out by saying something like this to Sean Hannity, for example:

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