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ALTERNET: Can We Win Over Ron Paul Supporters?

Please help educate these poor commenters on this Alternet article. Be nice and try not to let the nastiness, ignorance and sophomoric banter throw you off from representing the rEVOLution with style, grace, intelligence and patience.

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Comment Bomb idea.

Hey all!
I'm poor, so I need other ways to help:

We NEED is a continuous video, article, and poll "comment bomb".

Basically, we should team up to go through all the major videos/polls/articles on Paul and others, and respond to people's comments.

When you see the same-old baseless crap attacks on Paul, we should respond with a well-crafted logical answer complete with sources.

We can then challenge and change the minds of those who believe the lies one at a time, from the internets!

I have been doing this for a while, and have had good conversations!

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