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T-Shirts mugs stickers etc.

I designed some Ron Paul shirts, stickers, mugs, buttons, etc. over on Zazzle.

Please don't think I'm doing it to make $. You don't make crap on Zazzle. I really did it because I'm an English teacher in South Korea who supports Ron Paul and it is not easy for me to get together with people in the states who produce these sorts of things.

So if you are in need of designs, ideas, etc. you can contact me at and we can work out something that is fair for everyone and that promotes Ron Paul!

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RP shirts, mugs, bags, aprons, etc.

All sorts of merchandise is available with my own RP design on them. I don't intend to spam, so if anyone wants to use the design for other purposes, you have my permission.

You can see it at

Full disclosure: I'm taking a 5% markup for myself.

Download design:

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OMG Ron Paul is dominating online sales!

I was just at Zazzle dot com to stock up on some Ron Paul 2012 gear and noticed the good doctor absolutely dominating the bestsellers list.

He's catching on, I tell ya!

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The Easiest Way To Win Support For Ron Paul!

Fill your wallet with these "No Tax On Tips" cards every time you go out on the town, and win over
your bartender and server in less than a minute! Bartenders and servers talk
to EVERYONE, so this is a Massive Force Multiplier! I've often had bartenders and servers ask for more to share with their friends!

And they are cheap! Find them at –

I'm in no way connected to the company, I've just had great success with all of their
very attractive flyers and cards!

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