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To the person who came up to me in the airport yesterday:

At the Pensacola airport a man who was accompanied by a woman (I'm assuming his girlfriend/wife) came up to me while I was waiting for my flight. Since I was in airports all day I couldn't partake in the sign bomb but made sure to wear my Ron Paul tee-shirt. The man came up to me offered his hand. He had a big smile and merely said "Ron Paul". I shook his hand and was a bit surprised. Not really knowing how to react I threw up a peace sign and said "Ron Paul" back to him.

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Sign Bomb a Success! Here is What's Next!

Our first nationwide Sign Bomb on October 10th, 2011 was a success!!!

We've energized our base and shown people Ron Paul CAN WIN!

Around the country we got hoots, hollering, and honks as we had over 600 groups set an unofficial sign waving World Record! There is growing recognition Ron Paul is a serious contender. Any doubts people have about Ron Paul's ability to win should be evaporating!

Our Sign Bomb Video went from 0 to over 2,000 views in just over 24 hours!

Here is some local press we received:

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Ron Paul Sign Hung off Bridge on Wards Road

Lynchburg, VA - When drivers on Wards Road headed to work Monday morning, they probably noticed a Ron Paul sign hanging from the new pedestrian bridge.

It's a grassroots campaign strategy that has a lot of people talking and had some local leaders wondering who's responsible for taking it down.

"The three things that are inescapable in life are death, taxes and Ron Paul supporters," said one of those supporters, Kaleb Matson.

More at:

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Ron Paul Sign Bomb October 10

There has not been much talk of the nationwide sign bomb for Ron Paul lately, but it is less than a week away. It is about time to get organized. The basic idea is to gather in groups and hold signs in high profile areas in support of Ron Paul.

read more:

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Large Scale RON PAUL Banner Making Project over 8000 SQ.FT!

I am moving forward with a large scale RON PAUL 2012 banner making effort. I have already ordered 8000 square feet of material. This is about a half pallet of tarps (about 500 pounds) to be shipped via truck to my warehouse. Six, 28x48 foot tarps will allow for the manufacture of 250, 4ft x8ft banners. These banners will be targeted for high visibility locations throughout New Hampshire.

Cost of tarps: $135 each = $810 + $299 shipping, $1109 for six delivered.

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Ron Paul Sign Bomb 10/10/11 - Get Involved! - New Video

Let's swarm this post, this Grassroots event needs to be HUGE, and it can be if we get the word out! So please, please, watch the video, share, and vote it up so as many people as possible can be informed about this event! Thanks!!

Link to Video:


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Arizona for Ron Paul 2012

I am looking to start a website around the idea of AZ for Ron Paul 2012 where we can put up information about policy issues that most affect Arizonans. I know a little bit about SEO but I know next to nothing about coding.

Over the past month or so I have been introducing more and more people to RP (the brush fire of Liberty is starting to burn and spread on its own!) but I think it would help to have a state-based page that has reading lists and linked articles that would specifically speak to the people of Arizona.

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