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National Sign Bomb for MIddlesex County NJ!

Anyone around Middlesex County NJ want to attend the national sign bomb this monday i got one going at the last second, if you live on the southern tip of staten island this might be easier for you to get to it will be just over the bridge in between perth amboy and fords. here is the event page and group page please join us it should be a blast!!! if you dont have a facebook email me at cucucachu and i can send you all the information.

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What does real grassroots support look like? Ron Paul - Hope is on its Way

A special day at the 12 Corners in Brighton, NY, with the Rochester Meetup Group doing their thing.

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Oklahoma - We got our grassroots RP booth power-grabbed from us.

We got a pre-paid booth at the Cleveland County Fair in Norman, OK for the purpose of spreading the message. Long story short. THEY (county fair management) STOLE OUR BOOTH FROM US. It was an unruly power move most likely coerced by the local DEM or GOP groups (that also have a booth. There was no rule excluding candidate booths. We fought and really have no re-course. Even talked to ACLU (within whom I have friends) and no deal.

So we have two things we are going to do and you can help:

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