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Ron Paul's chump change

Really, it's news that only political junkies pay attention to. But it's still staggering.

The Times reported Wednesday that "Rep. Ron Paul raised more than $8 million for his presidential campaign in the last three months" from 100,000 individual donors.

And that's not all. "Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he raised more than $17 million from 22,000 donors."

Wait, there's more. Though he didn't announce a total, "a source close to the Mitt Romney campaign said the former Massachusetts governor's third-quarter fundraising take was expected to be more than $14 million."

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"Top 10 biggest individual contributions; three were associated with a branch of the military."

ABC News: Ron Paul Is Still Raising Big Money, But Just Who Is Giving?

Presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul is still raising big amounts of cash online.

Just this past week, the campaign raised more than $1 million through the use of “moneybombs” or one-day cash grabs.

The Sept. 17 moneybomb corresponded with the 224th anniversary of the creation of the United States Constitution.

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Ron Paul Versus The Candidates

I wish I knew how to embed videos here... My apologies... but this video lists problems in each of the other candidates and their claims to be "small government." It is not all-inclusive, and I would bet the video that was all inclusive would be more than a couple of hours long, but... I hope it's things like this that make people think twice about TEA Party sweetheart Michelle Bachmann, "Slick" Mitt Romney and J.R. "Dick" Perry.

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