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The 9-9-9 Plan Defunds Social Security and Medicare!

My fellow Paulominos,

Mr. Cain is confusing the American people by telling us his 9-9-9 plan will lower personal income taxes by broadening the federal tax income base but it eliminates funding for Social Security and Medicare! Here's how:

The 15.3% payroll tax refers to that combined portion of SS (social security) and medicare tax that employers and employees each pay to the government. The breakdown is as follows:

For 2010:

2010 Employer SS Contribution - 6.2%
2010 Employer Medicare Contribution - 1.45%
2010 Employee SS Contribution - 6.2%

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I told you before Uncle Sam is Reading everything you post

I told you how HB Gary software was being used by the Air Force to infiltrate Social Media sites Here is My proof along with info from

Here is what I personally know about it. They infiltrated my Ron Paul Meet-Up site.Following please find a message which I
think deserves immediate attention. I've just read this email
-- at least the first major part of it -- and I suggest you
check out Cruise Carter immediately. Or, is he someone you
already know? I ask because you made him an assistant

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Great new site!

Just thought I'd share this new site I stumbled across while browsing for new Ron Paul vids.

Really great idea, if you don't wish to watch the video.. In a nutshell he has created a Ron Paul website dedicated for social media march - where we flood news outlets on twitter and facebook etc with Ron Paul messages. The website looks quite impressive, but not many users.. So let's change that now.

The first social media march will be on October 6th. So spread the word!

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Yahoo snubs Ron Paul

I came across this Yahoo article this morning about Galveston, TX employees opting out of social security and how it has turned out to be a good move for them. When they mention two presidential candidates calling for changes in the program, I just thought for sure Dr. Paul's name was going to be mentioned - especially since Galveston is in his district!

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Romney On Social Security

Romney has changed his position again and attacks Perry.

Romney's book, No Apology: "To put it in a nutshell, the American people have been effectively defrauded out of their Social Security."
"In his book, Romney compared Social Security to a fraudulent criminal enterprise,"

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Awesome Video! Santelli OWNS Friedman On Social Security!

Rick Santelli completely owns Friedman on the issue of Social Security being a Ponzi Scheme.

My thoughts on the debate

and remember, NEW DEBATE THIS NEXT MONDAY! Hopefully that one will be better!


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Is the Social Security Number a Privacy Violation?

Should social security numbers be limited to public government use only? It amazes me how many times a private organization would ask for a social security number. Isn't that for retirement only so shouldn't it only be used by the government for that purpose only?

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Government from the latin gubernare meaning "to manage"

Its intellectually lazy and thus rather common to hear statements like "We need to cut big government" or "We need to tax the rich"

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“Social Security to Americans: I am Not Dying” A Response

Response to “Social Security to Americans: I am Not Dying” by Gail Buckner

The following is a response to Gail Buckner’s title mentioned above. Ahh, the fallacy of Social Security. I look forward to her reply. The article can be found @ Social Security to Americans: I am Not Dying

"Ms. Gail Buckner,

Good afternoon. Today I read your article, “Social Security to Americans: I am Not Dying.” I must say, I am deeply distressed that this article made it so far as to appear on the front page of a purported fiscally conservative news source. I don’t even know where to begin my criticism, or if I even should criticize, because if someone with the accomplishments and education such as you can so fully misunderstand the concept of government, then is it worth my time?

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U.K. seeks to monitor or limit Social Networking Sites

This information is quite disturbing for our fellow liberty lovers in the U.K.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Predictive Programming?

A heavily anticipated video game was released the other day. In the game, the United States are in the middle of a revolution, pitting "pure" humans against "augs", or humans who have had mechanical augmentations.

The gamer is a trip, with background media commentary that sound like its straight off the Alex Jones show, references to FEMA camps, Bilderburgers, etc.

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How did we get here? (Social Safety Net)

I was just reading an article from TIME. Scrolling through the comments, I couldn't help but notice how everyone was attacking Dr. Paul for wanting to end these "social safety nets." Admittedly, I have not studied politics and economics as much as I probably could have, I was pretty tied up the last eight years fighting more than one "war on terror".

Can anyone explain how it got this far? I figured there was no point in fighting the liberals in a comment section, so I thought I would pose the question here.

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Tax the Rich - Pros and Cons - What's Warren Buffet Thinking?

Nice summary of the problems caused by taxing the rich:

The following essay is presented as an educational service of the Downsize DC Foundation ...

By Jim Babka, Perry Willis, and James Wilson

On Monday, August 15, billionaire Warren Buffett argued in an op-ed for the The New York Times that his taxes should be raised. He claimed that giving the Federal State more of his money would be a good thing.

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