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Can We Remove the Income Tax?

Is it possible to remove the income tax, death tax, and cap gains tax by eliminating most if not all of foreign spending? I wondered if we cut all foreign aide and parts of our military budget would we be able to eliminate these taxes?

I thought of this a week ago and thought this is the best way to go because cutting demestic spending would reach to much resistance from the left. Does anyone have the numbers?

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edit: Occupy! and "How To Brainwash a Nation:" 1 Hr video

The following video was filmed in 1985, and has seen play on DP before, but it's very relevant to the recent wall street protests and the suspicion that a good number of the protesters are a bit too "socialist" in their message.

Video here

edit: Full, one hour interview

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Extremely funny, libertarian rendition of 'Poker Face' at LPAC

This spunky young woman busted out a funny, liberty-minded rendition of 'Poker Face' mixed with Cher's 'Believe' at LPAC. Celeste Paradise hails from San Francisco. She has several songs posted on her YouTube page.

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Hitler Wins Again!

Writes Butler Shaffer:

It has been a few years since I presented my first year students with my election exercise on the first day of class. I have two candidates, "A" and "B." Without naming either of them, I describe their programs, ideas, practices, etc. Candidate "A" - I tell them after they have voted - is a composite of the "founding fathers" (Sam Adams, Jefferson, John Hancock, Tom Paine, etc.), while candidate "B" is Hitler.

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