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Ron Paul ReSupply (Grassroot Materials for Ron Paul RƎVOLTUTION)

    Attention All Soldiers for Liberty!

The Ron Paul ReSupply website is officially up and running. We need your help to make it into a useful tool for the movement, please visit the site via search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo, and/or Bing.


When Googling please enter: Ron Paul ReSupply
or click here:

here is the


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Rising soldier suicides stump military leaders

"Defense Department statistics indicate that since January, 2001, 2,293 active-duty service members have taken their own lives, including the ones who never deployed overseas. By comparison, 6,139 service members have died in Afghanistan and Iraq in the same period."

Adding the 2293 + 6139 = 8432.

2293 divided by 8432 is 27%.

Thus, a massive 27% of US soldier deaths are due to suicide. Or at least that is what is being reported. Just what in the hell is going on!

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