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Gold: Independent Money

This video is by the same makers of "Fiat Money"

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rEVOLution March on Washington - Oct 15th - peaceful gathering

The Revolution March has a date, time, and website!
I am happy to announce the launch of

The march will be held in D.C. on Oct. 15th, 2011 and it will start at 7-8AM.

Much like the previous march, we will gather at the Washington Monument, walk down Constitution Ave, and end at Capitol Hill on the west front.

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Spreading liberty in Europe!

The Free State Project has gone Euro! Help spread liberty to Europe by joining our Facebook page. We're trying to find an ideal location, but for now we're simply getting people to "Like".

Like and share!

Peace, love, and… sound money :-D

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Short video relating to Ron Paul's Message

Hello all I have been lurking around these forums for a while and figured that I would join when I had something to offer in relation to spreading Ron Paul's message. I created this short, lighthearted video in the hopes that it could be spread to individuals not already aware of the problems relating to the Federal Reserve and fiat money. Maybe something will click in their head after watching this; who knows.
If you like it feel free to spread it around; if not offer any suggestions you see fit.

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End The Fed videos -- Chicago

The Chicago rally formed at a plaza near the Tribune Tower. We listened to the first speaker, Ken Prazak, then marched to Millenium Park where we gathered to listen to Clyde Cleveland speak. From there we headed over to Federal Plaza and listened to the final speaker, Dan Druck. Most people had signs or passed out info. The cops were professional, even courteous. One walked with us the entire way and others blocked intersections. I thought Clyde gave a good speech at Millenium Park, but I couldn't find a clip of it yet.

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