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Ron Paul on 'Al Punto' Spanish-language Political Talk Show

Per the NY Times, Rep. Ron Paul will be on Univision's 'Al Punto' this Sunday, the 2nd of October.

RP Should Be On Near 10:30am
Live link:


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Ron Paul speaking Spanish

A friend of mine attended UMiami and saw Ron Paul debate there in 2007. Apparently he speaks fluent Spanish, while most other candidates don't. It would be awesome if a hispanic RP supporter submitted a youtube question for tomorrow's debate, then at the end said "bonus points if the candidates answer in Spanish."

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Can people vet this about Rick Perry with links

I said I wasn't going to e-mail you about Perry but changed my mind. I can't stand by and say nothing like I did with Bush.

I began keeping track of Perry when he began his second term as Governor because I didn't like what I saw. So here goes. Please forward this to all your friends. YOU DO NOT WANT PERRY. You think Bush was bad. He doesn't hold a candle to Perry. If Perry becomes President he will be your worst nightmare. I don't care for Obama one bit but I like Perry a lot less.

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