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Can We Remove the Income Tax?

Is it possible to remove the income tax, death tax, and cap gains tax by eliminating most if not all of foreign spending? I wondered if we cut all foreign aide and parts of our military budget would we be able to eliminate these taxes?

I thought of this a week ago and thought this is the best way to go because cutting demestic spending would reach to much resistance from the left. Does anyone have the numbers?

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Cut Congressional Pay Before Americans' Benefits

Politicians who want to cut Government spending should start right in their own office! Here is a White House petition to cut Congressional and staff pay before imposing cuts on average Americans. This petition should be considered a referendum on how Congress is doing! Please sign, Tweet, and post everywhere!

We petition the administration to cut Congressional and staff pay and benefits before asking average Americans to take massive cuts in services

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INTERESTING=>Are young voters too blind to see the problem?


The youth who seem to support Obama, are the same that will carry the debt/spending burden. They appear to be unconcerned about the consequences of excessive big GOV spending.

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Force the Obama Administration to justify US Foreign Policy at Whitehouse.gov!

I need 150 signatures to get this to show up on Whitehouse.gov

Link: http://wh.gov/4YI

I just found out about Obama creating this "We The People" section of Whitehouse.gov - the way it works is this:

1. Petition is created
2. If petition receives 5000 votes in 30 days, the staff must evaluate the petition and consult policy experts.
3. The Administration must issue a response to the petition.

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Breakout Performance for Gary Johnson?

There is no doubt in my mind that the oldstream media is now trying to divide and dilute Ron Paul's votes.

Watch this: http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/americas-newsroom/index.html#/...

And yet I am very happy about this, let me explain.

Sure some votes that could have gone to Ron Paul may now go to Gary Johnson. Is that a bad thing?

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Dear Dr. Paul. I have a burning question.

Dear Dr. Paul and community. I have been following all of this for the past 4 years. I've been trying to educate myself on everything everyone posts. My question is this.

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Taxing/Spending/Cutting Talk Nonsense

All of this talk about taxing, spending, cutting, etc. is simply a feeble attempt to fix something that is fundamentally flawed. This mentality goes hand-in-hand with western medicine. It addresses symptoms, but fails to go to the root cause. Folks...you should know by now that our monetary system is built on debt expansion. There is NO growth without more debt creation. I'm not saying we shouldn't be talking about taxing, spending, cutting, etc. We SHOULD talk about those items...but only AFTER we have a sound currency. We must END THE FED first!!!

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CBS News - Ron Paul: Time To Stop Spending Trillions On War

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Monday that America could save trillions of dollars if the country cut funding from wars - "and all the nonsense that we do around the world."

The Texas Representative argued in Monday's Republican presidential debate that, rather than eliminating programs like Social Security and prescription drug benefits for seniors, America could reduce trillions' worth of spending in conflicts abroad .

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Guess who is the worlds largest employer?

and the winner is, the DOD of course, with 3.2 employees.


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Comedy about government spending

Tim Hawkins is a Christian Comedian. He is very popular in the community. He is very in line with the views of RP on government spending. We are more likely to win over the minds and hearts of people with laughter.

I wonder if he would consider endorsing RP for President?


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What is DoD to do?

The only alternative strategy to emerge has come from no less a source than Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. As he made clear in last week’s Iowa debate and on his campaign website, Congressman Paul thinks our allies should be left to fend for themselves, rogue states should be permitted to acquire nuclear weapons, the United States should not fight long wars and we should bring our military back from overseas to guard our southern border.

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