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Just A Normal Daily Ron Paul Day!


After taking a lunchtime walk and placing about 100 Ron Paul "slim jims" on cars parked up and down the local city streets (I'll be doing this again at dinner time because I'm working into the evening), I had the following easy, breezy interaction with a technical representative named Andrew who graciously helped me with my small database dilemna. Here's the chat that followed the resolution of the issue:

Andrew: You're welcome. Is there any other way I can be of assistance?

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RP Places 2nd At Spokane County Fair Straw Poll!

Ron Paul took second place in a straw poll conducted at the Spokane County Fair by the Spokane County Republican Party with 17% of the vote. Here are the results:

Perry 98 (25%)
Paul 68 (17%)
Romney 65 (16%)
Bachman 41 (10%)
Cain 34 (8.5%)
Palin 33 (8.3%)
Gingrich 8 (2%)
Christy 5 (1.2%)
Huntsman 4 (1%)
Misc. 41 (10%)

Total: 397

It is unknown whether Santorum was among the miscellaneous votes with Mickey Mouse, etc, or if he received no votes at all....

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