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Short video relating to Ron Paul's Message

Hello all I have been lurking around these forums for a while and figured that I would join when I had something to offer in relation to spreading Ron Paul's message. I created this short, lighthearted video in the hopes that it could be spread to individuals not already aware of the problems relating to the Federal Reserve and fiat money. Maybe something will click in their head after watching this; who knows.
If you like it feel free to spread it around; if not offer any suggestions you see fit.

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Repost: One of the best GRASSROOTS ACTIVISM ideas that I've heard.

I have believed and voted for the Republican Party line since Reagan. I thought that Ron Paul was crazy...because the establishment TOLD me that he was crazy. Then, by accident, I began to listen...

If I am any indication, it is not billboards nor yard signs nor T-shirts that change people's minds. Rather, it is the EXPOSURE to NEW IDEAS that changes minds.

This is exactly how I was transformed into an ardent supporter of Dr. Paul. A strong, vibrant seed was planted that encouraged study and further exploration...and I've never looked back.

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