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CNN Hit Piece:Conservative leader discounts Paul win

TRENDING: Conservative leader discounts Paul win
(CNN) - The president of the Family Research Council characterized Rep. Ron Paul's weekend win in the Values Voter Summit straw poll as "an outlier."

Tony Perkins, who heads the social conservative group, said the Republican presidential candidate influenced the results by busing supporters to the event, proving his 37% support is not reflective of social conservative backing nationally.

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As Long As Someone BESIDES Ron Paul Wins A Straw Poll

I was watching the all amazing FAIR AND BALANCED fox news and it doesn't shock me AT ALL anymore as to how biased this so called news network really is.

I love how they state that the msm isn't allowing Ron Paul to SURGE from his straw poll wins unlike cain and the others.

Does fox really think that WE believe that THEY are not the msm? Does fox really think that THEY are actually fair and balanced or are ALL the reporters that crooked as human beings and will do or say ANYTHING just to collect a paycheck?

How was bachmanns straw poll win different from rons?

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Values Voter Straw Poll Organizers Suggest A fIx In Ron Paul's Win

The latest unseen attempt is to suggest, falsely, that Ron Paul and his campaign purposefully rigged the results of straw poll to make him the winner. We must expose this fraud accusation as a attempt to discredit the campaign and the congressman himself.

By Lindsey Boerma

Rep. Ron Paul scored a decisive victory Saturday in a mock presidential election at the Values Voter Summit, trouncing fellow Texan, Gov. Rick Perry, but an organizer of the straw poll suggested ballot-stuffing may have skewed the results.

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Because in every straw poll this year, the president has been the loser.

SALT LAKE CITY, October 9, 2011—Ron Paul is certainly amped. Another straw poll victory for him. Were it not for Michele Bachmann's brief flirtation with top-tier status, he would now have three major straw poll wins on his resume this year.

Paul has an extraordinarily disciplined and effective organization nationwide, ready to deploy at these major events. His win reflects as much.

More at:

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Here It Is!! RP Off-The-Charts Media Response to Value Voter Win

This is the gem to post all over the web.

Ron Paul Wins Values Voter Summit Straw Poll!! (Media Coverage)

And don't forget...
The Awakening of a Generation: Ron Paul 2012

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FRC Poll - Issues Important to Americans

After reading about Ron Paul's great victory at the Values Voter Summit hosted by FRC (Family Research Council), I noticed and participated in a poll they had on their website.

Poll Question:

Which issue is the most important in determining your choice of candidate to support?

Results as of 5:00pm, 10/8/11:

9% Abortion
4% Protecting One Man One Women Marriage
8% Repealing Obamacare
1% Permanent Tax Relief for Families
4% Protecting Religious Liberty
13% Government Spending
1% Immigration
4% Education
2% National Security

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Best Values Voter Summit article yet!

On Saturday, in proving that the Ron Paul political organization is working better than ever, Paul won the iconic Values Voters Straw Poll with a whopping 37% of the total 1,983 ballots cast.

Herman Cain, who is experiencing a modest bump in popularity as values voters shuffle away from Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, placed a distant second with 23% of the votes. Paul was also top choice among attendees for the Vice President straw poll, with Bachmann coming in close second.

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CBS: Ron Paul now accused of "ballot stuffing":

I looked at a number of News sites, and their front page political News sections. There are zero listed stories about Ron Paul's D.C. Value's Straw Poll first-place victory shown on these headline or news summary pages.

On the other hand if you google 'Ron Paul', a few stories about the straw poll results can be found. But some guy Tony Perkins who is the President of the "Family Research Council" (whatever that is?), and CBSNews have teamed-up to accuse Ron Paul of "stuffing the ballot".

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Straw Poll Results: Values Voter Summit

From the website:

Straw Poll results:

37% Ron Paul
23% Herman Cain
16% Rick Santorum
8% Rick Perry
8% Michele Bachmann
4% Mitt Romney
3% Newt Gingrich
0% Jon Huntsman
1% Undecided

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When will we know the results from

the value voter poll that begins tomorrow?

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Columbus Ohio Straw Poll

Not sure how big this is going to get but it could be big because Ohio is an important State in the General Election.

Below is an Email I just got from the Sponsor of the Event!

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Ohio Straw Poll

Ohio needs you

Dear ,

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the first-ever Swing State Straw Poll. It's Ohio's turn to let the nation know where the most politically important state in the country stands on who the Republican Party should nominate for president. No Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio.

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Illinois Straw Poll

What happened at the Illinois straw poll? No Ron Paul, only the ever charging Cain (77%!) and Newt, and Bachmann back in the news. 700 people attending. Where was the Paul campaign?

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