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Cain wins one straw poll and he is Top Tier? *FoxNews*

Top Story - "The New GOP Top Three"

Herman Cain wins one straw poll and is now considered top tier by Fox News?!?!

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IL Straw Poll

Illinois will be holding a straw poll one year before the general election. Interesting enough they will be doing online voting as well. We need to get the word out as this should be an easy poll for Ron Paul to win, all it takes is IL residents to donate at least $5.00 and they can vote in person or online.

Link to the website:

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Ron Paul is #1 in the Cumulative Straw Poll Tally from all the 2011 Straw Polls


Ron Paul is #1
And there are only TWO Straw Polls left!
Value Voters Straw Poll:
Illinois Straw Poll:
This information is available here:
Cumulative Results through September 17, 2011

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Romney wins Michigan Straw Poll

[This from ABC News, which didnt even report Ron Paul's California Straw Poll victory]

By Emily Friedman
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Sep 25, 2011 12:09pm
On Home Turf, Romney Prevails in Straw Poll

Mitt Romney didn’t disappoint on his home turf this weekend, receiving 51 percent of the votes at the Michigan Straw Poll, a wide victory over Texas Gov. Rick Perry who garnered just 17 percent.

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Colorado GOP Moves Up 2012 Caucuses to Day After Iowa's(Feb 7)

Published September 24, 2011

| Associated Press

A plan by Colorado Republicans to move up their 2012 presidential caucuses to the day after the Iowa caucus has won final approval.

The Republican Central Committee voted Saturday to move the caucus from March 6 to Feb. 7.

State GOP Chairman Ryan Call says the earlier date could give Colorado a greater voice in the Republican presidential contest. State Republicans also shifted their caucus date in 2008.

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[from 2008] Video of Cheating At Florida Straw Poll - Cain/Perry Supporters Vote 20+ Times

Remember the hanging chad situation with the Al Gore/Bush Presidential Campaign that happened in Florida. Well they allow you to buy as many tickets as possible (100+ Votes) and go through the line to Vote NO MORE than 10 times. REALLY FLORIDA.

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Herman Cain is Bad for America and not a Conservative

Ron Paul friends. We need to get hot on finding info on why Herman Cain is not good. We did a great job exposing Rick Perry, but now we need to expose Herman Cain. Don't take this guy lightly. I just left the Florida Straw Poll. We need ammunition so we can expose this guy for the shill that he is. Please post about him, write articles about him, and spread the word so we can have better talking points! Thank you!

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Florida Straw Poll Results!

Cain 37.1%
Perry 15.0%
Romney 14.0%
Santorum 10.9%
Paul 10.4%
Gingrich 2.4%
Huntsman 2.3%
Bachmann 1.5%

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Where is Ron Paul?

Why didn't Ron Paul speak at the FL Straw Poll just now?

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Is It A Crime To Rig A Straw Poll?

Since this isn't technically a legitimate election-style monitored activity, is there any real threat of uncovering fraud?

The reason why I ask is because, I've been listening to the NEO-CONS for many years now and I'm in tune with their language and their pre-staging of shaping the next talking points. I've heard this statement too many times recently "Whoever wins the Florida Straw Poll, will be the nominee". They usually don't go out and corner themselves unless it's a sure bet.

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Straw Poll March In Texas!!

We all laughed when the Texas GOP cancelled the Starw poll for "Lack of interest" We all know its a cover so Perry doesn't get spanked. This could be a great way to show them whats up!! I created an event on FB called Battle of Gonzales(TEXAS STRAW POLL MARCH)If we can get even 1000(thats more then attending CA straw poll) people to march towards UT@San Antonio on OCT 29(Sunday) and geta little media and internet attention this could be a knock out punch!! Please spread the word!! RON PAUL 2012!!

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