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"One campaign paying thousands for list of delegates"

This is from a Q and A in a Washington Post Article: The Florida P5 weekend (and straw poll) explained

"Is there a lot of money involved? Not really. Unlike the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa last month, delegates pay their own registration fees and book their own hotels. In past cycles, candidates have courted the delegates with expensive events, but this time around there’s been little high-profile campaigning. That said, the Florida GOP says at least one (unnamed) campaign has paid thousands of dollars for a list of delegates."

Link to article

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Update on Texas GOP Straw Poll!

So I'll get to the point and then explain the details:

After some research, a Texas Straw poll might be possible after all.

We all know the Texas GOP canceled the straw poll citing 'lack of interest' as the reason. After the news made its way around the internet, Ron Paul supporters bombarded the Texas GOP with complaints about canceling the poll. Soon after, the TX GOP chairman, Steve Munisteri responded to a few of us, including myself, with the same message:

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Santorum Right About One Thing: Predicts Ron Paul to Win Florida Straw Poll

Check out the closing comments on this Politico interview!

Politico: What do you think we should expect of your finish at the straw poll on Saturday?

Santorum: Oh, uh...(shuffle, shake head, grimace) I suspect that Ron Paul is going to finish first because...ha!... Ron Paul always finishes first in these types of straw polls!

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Straw Poll Victories Push Paul Forward (Local News Station KXAN in Austin, TX)

I saw the news clip on the 6 o'clock news tonight. It was not bashing Paul at all despite the part where Republican insiders say that the can't win

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The best thing you can do for ron paul

the most important thing you can do for ron pauls campaign is go here

and join the phone from home progam it saves ron,s campaign alot of money and time so please volunteer and be lend a serious hand in the campaign for liberty!

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Why a Texas straw poll MUST be held

There is no reason that a Texas straw poll can't be organized by liberty lovers, with every candidate invited, and all the rowdy GOP activists you can find. If people in Texas do so, remember you are the hosts, and must be courteous, and there is no guarantee Paul would win.

Why must this be done? Two reasons.

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Straw Poll Statement From Texas GOP Chairman


Thank you very much for writing regarding a straw poll in Texas.
There is a lot of misinformation circulating around the internet that you may have received. The state party held a straw poll in 2007, however, it lost money.
We thoroughly investigated the possibility of holding one for 2012, including how much staff time it would take, cost of facilities, amount of hotel rooms the State Party would have to guarantee etc.

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Rick Scott says whoever wins the Florida Straw Poll will be the next president!

"Scott noted that former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, plus 1995 GOP nominee Bob Dole all won Florida straw polls. However, two of the biggest-name candidates competing for the nomination — former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann — have said they won’t compete in Saturday’s contest."

Floridans, you know what to do!

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Upcoming Straw Polls: Orlando Sept. 22, Mackinac Island Sept. 23-25, Washington, DC Oct. 7-9, Illinois Nov. 5

Upcoming Straw Polls (Please Bump for Local/State Activism)

September 22, 2011, Orlando, Florida – Presidency 5 straw poll

September 23–25, 2011, Mackinac Island, Michigan – Michigan Republican Party's 29th Biennial Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference straw poll

October 7–9, 2011, Washington, D.C. – Values Voter Straw Poll

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Huge Crowd of Ron Paul Supporters at the California Republican Party Convention!

See videos: Huge Crowds for Ron Paul at California GOP Convention

Ron Paul Wins 2011 CA GOP Straw Poll

Just got back from the convention and I had a blast. Met a lot of nice people... And several people who are regular visitors to the Daily Paul. It was like one big family. Smiles were contagious.

Got there early to greet Dr. Paul along with a couple hundred people who lined up along both sides of the street in front of the hotel.

We made our presence known throughout the convention and the support for the other candidates was almost non-existent. I looked into Perry's supporters room at 10:30am and they had about 10 people. I'm sure his other 10 supporters will show up later in the I saw no Romney supporters or Bachmann supporters as far as I could tell but the convention was an all day event.

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a little lost here on the straw poll schedule

So Iowa Straw poll in Ames iowa is the "first in the nation" straw poll... I was under the impression NH and SC were the next two stops... but cannot find any info except NH had a straw poll in Jan 11' ...

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NC Staw Poll 11-19-11 to be held at NCGOP Hall of Fame Dinner

NC GOP is adding a straw poll to the Hall of Fame Dinner.

It would be nice to have Dr. Paul represented at the event and to have campaign involvement.

Any Thoughts?


FROM: Robin Hayes, NCGOP Chairman
Jennifer Behr, NCGOP Finance Director
DATE: September 16, 2011

SUBJECT: 2011 Hall of Fame

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