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Why do terrorists attack Europe?

I'm talking to a friend about the motives behind suicide bombers and he asked me if I could explain why they attack European countries even though they are more tolerant of muslims (which I think is evidence that they DON'T choose who to attack based on tolerance to Islam..). I found the video made by the London suicide bomber where he explains his motives. What other evidence is there? Is it all because of their alliance with America who occupies? Thanks for the help.

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The Real Risk of Terrorism

This was pretty good..... now what needs to be done is a cost comparison of how much we spend for each of these vs. what we spend for military intervention overseas.

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Ron Paul should mention

Ron Paul should try to mention some time that there is never any way to justify terrorism. Even though America certainly is responsible for pissing people off around the world by bombing them it's still important that it doesn't seem like he's trying to justify the 9/11 attacks. Some might interpret it like he is, especially with fox news and other media twisting things around. I think it's best to be as clear as possible.

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Jack Hunter on Robert Pape Terrorism Work

Would it make sense for Jack Hunter to write a blog post on Robert Pape's excellent work regarding suicide terrorism and the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism?

The website of the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism has interviews and speeches addressing the issue of suicide terrorism as well as an extensive database.

Robert Pape even has the Chief of Naval Operations giving a speech on the importance of "Off shore balancing". A strategy the Navy intends to return to to combat the motivations of suicide terrorist.

Anyone know how to contact Jack Hunter about this?

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