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the grand Super preSident idea

you know the one. a team of presidents. maybe six of them. some would call it a coalition. what do you think? now that it is possible.

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Superbomb Starts at Midnight! | Northbrook, IL - Revolution PAC, the Super PAC formed in July to support the presidential ambitions of Congressman Ron Paul, has announced a money bomb fundraiser -- a "Super PAC Superbomb" -- for September 19.

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9/1/11 Contact Bomb for the The R3voɺution Super Concert Starts TODAY!

For those of you participating in today's e-mail/facebook/twitter-bomb to try to get celebrity support for our efforts, below are today's list along with their contact info. Please focus on the following three celebrities for today. I will do my best to try to have a new thread each day. Thank you and best of luck to us all!

Original Thread, and purpose of our efforts explained here:

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Contact Bomb Continues for "Celebrities for Ron Paul"! (Formerly known as The Revolution Super Concert)

Attention all Daily Paul users and Ron Paul supporters:

This thread is dedicated to gaining the attention of celebrity musicians/artists/actors/comedians/etc. from around the country in order to convince them to support Ron Paul and hopefully set a date(s) for a special live event(s) (like a concert).

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The new SuperCommittee Members have taken in Tens Of Millions From Financial Companies

A dozen members of Congress have been appointed to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, which is tasked with producing legislation to reduce the national deficit by $1.5 trillion by Thanksgiving.

Many special interest groups have invested heavily in supercommittee members on both sides of the aisle, including securities and investment firms, the real estate industry and health professionals, according to new research by the Center for Responsive Politics.

More :,502.msg1266....

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