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Help I need End the FED bullet points

10 hard hitting one liners for tues. El Dorado, CA Tea Party meeting. The topic of the night is THE FEDERAL RESERVE,

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Tea Party: Libertarians VS Social Conservatives

Great article that shows the statistical differences between the two groups that compose the Tea Party. Enjoy!



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Bringing Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party together

Here's a strong contribution from a staunch Ron Paul supporter published at World Net Daily.

He identifies the problem these groups share -- the government -- and urges them to work together understanding what the real problem is.


For video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7iA_i9MWRs

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Bachmann Out Before Voting Begins? Time To Reach Out

Looks like Bachmann might be running out of money:


Is it time to reach out to her supporters? We can easily win Iowa if we can get a majority of her supporters, granted she drops out before voting begins. We were also talking about how if a candidate drops out, any delegates they win can change their vote at the convention, should we start asking her supporters to back Paul as their second choice if she drops out before the convention?

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Green Bay Tea Party Speech UPDATED

This is the version that should be used by those who want to copy and spread the speech. I took out the personal comments and improved a few things. It was designed to reach the right-wingers who are 75%-90% in our camp, but have some misgivings about a few issues. They either don't understand the issues or have mistaken views about positions of Dr. Paul on some things.



Speech given at the 9-27-11 Green Bay Liberty Alliance Tea Party by Teno Groppi

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Teno stumps for Dr. Know @Green Bay, Wisc Tea Party

Below is the speech I gave tonight at the Green Bay, Wisc. Tea Party event. I thought it went quite well. I got all positive comments and no negative ones. I saw light bulbs go on...

...when I pointed out that it's not right to support Israel with other people's money. The [ ] of the group came up to me afterward and said she'd have to reexamine her position.

The guys from our group thought I was pretty hard-hitting, buy my wife knew better. She thought I was tame. Being a right-wing Christian, I have a pretty good idea how they're thinking and figured I had a good way to reach them, knowing what reached me.


I’m Teno Groppi from the Fox Valley Ron Paul/Campaign for Liberty Meetup group. I’ve been active in alternative politics for almost 30 years, having been the original 6th district rep. for the Constitution Party, a JBS chapter leader, and currently on the board of directors for the Wisconsin Gun Owners, WI’s only no-compromise gun rights organization. I also run a creation science ministry called Genesis Evidence Ministry.

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False Derogatory: Teabagger

Anyone notice the proliferation of the Term Teabagger as an insult to Tea Party Patriots (Ron Paul Supporters or Whatever the co-opted are).

Isn't it amusing to consider the Term intellectually and realize that by calling them/us/whatever that they are actually putting that person in the power position?

I can't find the term offensive because if I were called a Teabagger they are on the losing "end" so to speak of the statement... I won't illustrate it further you can extrapolate it to its logical conclusion.

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Recapturing "The Tea Party"

The neocon hijacking of the modern-era "Tea Party" -- the genuine grass-roots Tea Party originating with the Ron Paul campaign -- is one of the most dastardly maneuvers in American History.

I have a way to recapture the "Tea Party".

Make a Ron Paul campaign "Tea Party" website become the #1 search result on Google.


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Paul adds two more Iowa endorsements

Ron Paul campaign trumpets thumbs-up from two Clay County GOP officials
JENNIFER JACOBS 9:22 PM, Sep 21, 2011 Categories: Caucus Insider
The GOP chairwoman and co-chairman in Clay County have endorsed Texas’s Ron Paul for president.

The congressman’s Iowa campaign staff sent out a news release tonight noting that Kris Thiessen is a small business owner (the White Glove janitorial service) and that Josh Davenport is a Baptist minister who supported evangelical Christian Mike Huckabee in the campaign cycle four years ago.

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Video: Who Started The Tea Party?

I've been looking for something like this!


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Fall of the Tea Party

I think we can all agree that MSM has taken control of the tea party and put a spin on it. They want people to believe that the tea party is a bunch of politicians sworn to fix our problems so that they can promote more of who they want and continue to discredit those they don't. This is a problem that should be addressed to the ENTIRE country.

Why shouldn't Ron Paul be the one to point this out?

I bet it could go a LONG way for Ron Paul to say something along the lines of this:

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