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'US secretly sold Israel bunker-busters'

US President Barack Obama secretly authorized the sale of 55 powerful bunker-buster bombs to Israel, a report by Newsweek magazine says.

The 55 bunker-busters are reportedly small-sized GBU-39 bombs which have been designed to enable jet fighters to carry a higher number of bombs in place of a single one-ton bomb.

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Fascinating 1936 Footage of Chevrolet Assembly Line

Made back when Detroit and Flint were spectacular cities and the manufacturing hub of the world ... they are now bombed out 3rd world war zones specializing in crystal meth cooking

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Perry comes under fire at the CNN/Tea Party Debate

In the 60 seconds it took to write this, they've went and changed "the debate"

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Big Sis Gives Green Light For Drone That Tazes Suspects From Above

The ShadowHawk is a 50lb mini drone chopper that can be fitted with an XREP taser with the ability to fire four barbed electrodes that can be shot to a distance of 100 feet, delivering “neuromuscular incapacitation” to the victim. The drone can travel at a top speed of 70MPH and can operate for 3.5 hours over land and sea.

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Who Is John Galt?

Who are the "John Galts" of today?

I'd argue that Steve Jobs filled that spot perfectly, and even Steve Wozniak mentions that Jobs was influenced by Ayn Rand in this interview with Bloomberg:

Who are the inventors, innovators and business people who represent the spirit of John Galt in your opinion?

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Don't Copy That Floppy (Official Video - Digitally Remastered)

I'm surprised this didn't work and we have so much piracy today, the rap was so catchy how come the kids just don't listen!!

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