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Yikes! Frank Luntz (a.k.a. Penn and Teller's F' U Frank) To Moderate The Nov. 19 Forum in Des Moines For "The Family Leader"

Frank Luntz to Moderate Forum for GOP Candidates


Get tickets here...


A prominent pollster has agreed to moderate a forum for Republican presidential candidates in Iowa in November.

The Family Leader, a social conservative group, announced Monday that Frank Luntz will moderate the Nov. 19 forum at a Des Moines church where 2,500 voters are expected to attend.

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When they wanna talk "poll numbers", send em here.

We all know how much our media loves to report and analyze all the various polls during an election season. It's their system of seeing "who's on top", but of course, it is a VERY flawed system. Unfortunately, these "polls" have a tendency to sway American voters to see the "poll winners" as the top tier candidates. Are the polls being manipulated to produce a desired establishment outcome? You betcha!

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Ron Paul's Candor Should Set Standard for Other Presidential Candidates

Texas Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul doesn't mince words. The paper money issued by the United States, he says, is "counterfeit," since the Constitution authorizes the minting of coins but not the printing of money. The United States is "broke," and can only pay its bills by printing money or borrowing it. The downgrading of U.S. bonds by the rating agency Standard & Poor's was "irrelevant." Cap-and-trade programs to reduce carbon dioxide emissions simply "legalize pollution." The world is in "shambles," because all currency is backed by paper money.

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