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Why is there no Nashville meetup?

The closest one appears to be in Cookeville. I'm curious about becoming a delegate and such, and it would be great to talk to some people in person. I'm hoping we can get one going at the Ron Paul Party in a couple of weeks: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=274600775884061

Still, it just seems odd that there isn't one. I'm somewhat new to the Ron Paul scene, so I'm ready to get integrated.

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Live in Tennessee? Wanna Be A Delegate? Here's the quick & easy steps! #OP50!

This post is now a part of "OPERATION 50 STATES"... Please contact me with ANY information or question you may have about the election process or campaign strategies in Tennessee.

If you live in the state of Tennessee and are interested in becoming a delegate for Dr. Ron Paul, (and we do NEED you to be a delegate), please read over the following EASY steps and join us:

1. Call the Department of Elections at (615) 741-7956.

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