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Newsflash: There isn't going to be another terrorist attack

This is the disaster we have been waiting for:


And there's nothing we can do about it.

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The Tea Party Facebook group is not on our side. Duh?

"Libertarian Presidential candidates Ron Paul and Gary Johnson now share the same official position with the Al Qaeda terrorist organization, that the killing of confirmed Al Qaeda terrorist Awlaki by the U.S. armed forces was an "illegal" action even though the U.S. was attacked by Al Qaeda on Sept 11, 2001 and Awlaki was a confirmed Al Qaeda leader. Today, Al Qaeda confirmed that they share the exact same position. Share your thoughts about this."

Go read some of the comments. We have some defenders fighting the good fight, but overall ...it's not going so well.

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NBC Question Ron Paul About Assassination By Dictate.

FoxNation does put up online polls. That is the only reason to check them out but I did come across this!



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Drudge: Ron Paul: US-born al-Qaida cleric 'assassinated'

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) -- Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is condemning the Obama administration for killing an American born al-Qaida operative without a trial.

Paul, a Texas congressman known for libertarian views, says the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki on Yemeni soil amounts to an "assassination." Paul warned the American people not to casually accept such violence against U.S. citizens, even those with strong ties to terrorism.


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Ron Paul Addresses Killing of al Qaeda’s Awlaki


“Nobody knows if he ever killed anybody,” Mr. Paul said after a breakfast at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics. “If the American people accept this blindly and casually…I think that’s sad.”


"MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is condemning the Obama administration for killing an American born al-Qaida operative without a trial.

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The Real Risk of Terrorism

This was pretty good..... now what needs to be done is a cost comparison of how much we spend for each of these vs. what we spend for military intervention overseas.


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Ron Paul Understands Terrorism (Video)

This is my video to my neocon friends to convert them to Ron Paul


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Another "Terror Plot" foiled

So apparently on AOL's main page they say another American terror plot has been foiled by the FBI. However, once again this "Terrorist" was handed fake bombs by the FBI. The simple question it leads me to, since no one was ever in danger...

Would this plot have even be orchestrated has the FBI not gotten involved and gave him what he thought to be explosive materials?

Is just another scare tactic...Find people that are pissed off because of failed government policies and tell them they can take his revenge with this kind gift of dynamite and then arrest him with fake explosives.

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Great 9/11 blowback analogy

I recently thought up a great analogy to explain Ron Paul's position on blowback and terrorism.

Let's say there's a guy named John who kills the son of a Mafia boss (let's call him Tony). This obviously angers Tony immensely. He retaliates by killing John's son.

Now obviously, Tony was not justified in killing John's son, who was innocent. But does that mean we should deny the obvious fact that John's murder of Tony's son motivated Tony to kill John's son.

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On Illegal Immigration and Terrorism

I think I get Ron Paul's stance on the cause of and solution to illegal immigration and terrorism but it seems a lot of people (not so much on this forum) are confused.

What I want out of this post is some discussion on how we can help promote Paul's message on illegal immigration and terrorism to those who don't (want to?) understand it. I'll start the ranting to get things going.

Here are the major thoughts I've had recently with regards to the debates where Paul lost the main stream audience:

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Force the Obama Administration to justify US Foreign Policy at Whitehouse.gov!

I need 150 signatures to get this to show up on Whitehouse.gov

Link: http://wh.gov/4YI

I just found out about Obama creating this "We The People" section of Whitehouse.gov - the way it works is this:

1. Petition is created
2. If petition receives 5000 votes in 30 days, the staff must evaluate the petition and consult policy experts.
3. The Administration must issue a response to the petition.

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Ron Paul should mention

Ron Paul should try to mention some time that there is never any way to justify terrorism. Even though America certainly is responsible for pissing people off around the world by bombing them it's still important that it doesn't seem like he's trying to justify the 9/11 attacks. Some might interpret it like he is, especially with fox news and other media twisting things around. I think it's best to be as clear as possible.

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Scary! Tony Bennett apologizes for telling the truth.

It is scary the times we live in. Tell the truth about blowback and 911 and you must apologize. Can you say 1984 anyone?

from CNN


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