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Facebook idea - target T-Paw supporters

Here's an idea and I apologize if others have already suggested it. I just went to the Facebook page for Tim Pawlenty and saw that seven of my friends "like" him. NONE of them "like" Ron Paul (on Facebook).

So I went to the Ron Paul page on facebook and used the "share" link on the left hand side. I then sent each of those seven friends a nice message saying "I see that you're a T-Paw supporter. Now that he's out of the Presidential race, I hope you'll look into Ron Paul." Send.

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"Something is going on."

The gig is up folks. The game is rigged. The emperor has no clothes, and people are starting to take notice. I make no apologies for my diehard support of Ron Paul and I won't - but the original intent of this blog was not to be an explicit endorsement of Paul. I feel a little reluctance to AGAIN feature him but things are getting serious, fast, and I am not ashamed to dedicate so much space on this blog to his cause.

More: http://thegldnrule.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/something-is-goi...

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