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Tom Woods: How to make history for Dr. Paul

To all donors who have reached the cap, and still want to contribute to the R3volution...


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Tom Woods hosts Peter Schiff Show 9/13/11! Audio Link

Tom Woods will be filling in for Peter Schiff today, while Peter testifies before Congress.
Tom is looking forward to your calls on politics, finance, and the economy.

Listen to the full show:

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Best Video Yet of Why Ron Paul..

Ron Paul:
The Only One We Can Trust

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Why They Hate Us

Why They Hate Us

"Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts. . . . America was targeted for attack because we’re the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world." ~ George W. Bush, address to the nation, September 11, 2001

"They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other." ~ George W. Bush, address to Congress, September 20, 2001

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Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods discuss Rothbard and the Koch Brothers

Here is a clip from an interview on the Lew Rockwell Show on August 8, 2011. The full clip can be heard here:

Tom Woods and Lew Rockwell discuss Murray Rothbard and how he is criticized in some libertarian circles, the impact and influence of the Koch Brothers, as well as liberal attacks against them.

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If you don't know about Liberty, how can you talk about Liberty?

If you don't know about Liberty, how can you talk about Liberty? These are some of my favorite websites on Liberty. This list is by no means complete, these are just some I frequent on a daily basis. To read the original blog go to:

Liberty Understood

Here they are:

Daily Paul

This is one of the best websites for everything Liberty and everything Ron Paul. I most definitely credit the owner, Michael Nystrom, with really helping me understand how important Liberty is to me. This forum is extremely active and extremely up to date.

Keep reading...

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So Shall We - New Revolution Super PAC Video - Super Bomb September 19

Brand New video on the Revolution PAC official YouTube channel:

It's a very professional vid advertising the money bomb, if this is indeed going to be on TV its good to know the superpac already has some decent funding before the moneybomb.

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Tom Woods, Constitutional Scholar, Refutes Anti-Paul Claims - The Daily Iowan 8/31/11

The Daily Iowan invited Tom Woods to submit a shorter version of his smackdown of their columnist who recently wrote an article claiming Ron Paul does not understand the constitution. Here it is. Feel free to stop over there and post a friendly comment.
The Daily Iowan

A good rule of thumb I’ve discovered is that critics who claim Rep. Ron Paul doesn’t understand the Constitution are themselves the ones whose knowledge is deficient.

For example, Scott McKeag, a teacher in the Iowa City School District, came down hard on the congressman in these pages for denying that the federal government has a role in education according to the Constitution. The congressman further believes that education is better managed by states, localities, and parents.

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"War Is Better Than Ron Paul", Say (Many) Progressives | TomWoodsTV

War Is Better Than Ron Paul, Say (Many) Progressives

Tom Woods comments on's article "5 Reasons Progressives Should Treat Ron Paul with Extreme Caution," and takes on the bizarre and twisted priorities on display there.

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Ron Paul books at Borders book store

I went to a Borders Book Store to try and pick up a few new books for cheap since they are going out of business. I saw many Bush books, Palin books, Romney books, Huckabee books, Gingrich books, and several other self-satisfied Neo-Con authored books. But no books left by the good Doctor. I was disappointed at first, then I smiled and realized that the books left are still on the shelves even after being marked 70% off!

I did, though, pick up a copy of Blowback and Tom Woods' new book Rollback. Just thought I'd share my experience.


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