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Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting at Nashua Community College 10/3/2011 (Video)

Ron Paul speech and Q&A at a "We The People" town hall meeting at the Nashua Community College in Nashua, NH.

Sound and video quality are not the best and the last 2 questions where cut off. But a great speech and Q&A session overall. Ron Paul talks a lot about how we are transitioning from a republic to a tyranny.

(still looking for a complete version.. The one above is cut off at the end..)

Picture from event:

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VIDEOS: Ron Paul speaking in Orlando, Baton Rouge, Sioux City, Spencer ~9/20, 23/11

Baton Rouge, LA (Grand Opening of Louisiana's campaign headquarters) 9/23/11
"Nearly 500 activists and supporters attended the Grand Opening of Ron Paul's Louisiana campaign headquarters in Baton Rouge on Friday night- proving that the r3VOLution is truly reaching new heights! The Congressman apparently spoke for only a few minutes, after a long day of events and travel. The interviews are few and far between at this point- but the campaigning is at a fever pitch."

Orlando, FL (Meet and Greet) 9/23/11
"On Friday morning, Rep. Ron Paul fit in a meet and greet with supporters at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida"

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Starbucks CEO to host Town Hall

Just saw this on Drudge. This sounds like an amazing opportunity to present Dr. Paul's message to an audience who's dying for it. Note:

"The forum comes weeks after Schultz called on other CEOs to halt contributions to U.S. political campaigns until the nation's leaders become financially disciplined and stop their political wrangling. The CEOs of more than 100 companies, from AOL to Zipcar, joined Schultz in his pledge to halt contributions and do what they could to stimulate growth in their industries."

RSVP and get more info here:

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